We at Forex Robot are watching the unfolding events in Egypt very closely.  Despite protests that have turned both violent and bloody, investors are seemingly dismissing the crises in the Arab world's most populace country.  In reality, as a Forex Robot trader, this lack of concern is surprising.  Despite there being a record number of protesters in Tahrir Square, "President:" Mubarak stubbornly proclaimed that he will be finishing his presidential term as scheduled.  

The people of Egypt are irate, and the violence, looting, and anarchy has quickly spread to major cities throughout the country.  After crude oil prices jumped by nearly 5% a few days ago, the price of oil is now hovering around $90.  With exception to the lethargic U.S. housing market, many world economic indicators show continued growth in key manufacturing sectors.  The present challenge is food inflation, and it's impact on developing economies.