It's been a tumultuous past few weeks for major indices throughout the world.  Our Forex Robot team understands that the United States economy continues to experience serious setbacks that are preventing any real economic growth.  Factors preventing growth include stagflation, high food and energy prices, limited job growth, and few governmental measures left available to have any real stimulating effect.  Despite a recent 300 billion dollar proposal by President Obama to help stimulate the economy in the form of aggressive tax cuts and job creation, many economists believe that even if it is passed by both both parties in the House and Senate, it is simply too little too late to prevent the U.S. from sliding back into a recession.  Recent economic reports indicate that there is currently no job growth and the number of Americans below the poverty line is nearly 1 in 6.  These sobering statistics were last seen in 1993.  

Over the course of the last few weeks, we've seen the Euro tumble in price against major currencies, including the USD.  Serious doubt persists among currency traders with respect to the sustainability of the Euro.  Despite efforts to bailout Greece, the country is seemingly incapable of making sound austerity measures to restructure their economy.  Some experts are beginning to suggest that Greece will inevitably default, causing a chain reaction that will ripple throughout the Euro-Zone.  Even though important European players, including France and Germany have pledged that continued assistance to avoid this potential calamity, doubt remains.

The Forex Robot team expects extreme volatility for the EUR over the course of the next few weeks.  When it becomes clearer as to how the global economic slow down has impacted France and Germany, there will be serious movement.  Additionally, our Forex Robot team also believes that the USD will appreciate in value against other currencies after it is realized that the United States economy is slipping into another recession.