After a very profitable quarter for many companies and positive economic expansion for most countries, there is much concern among investors and economists that the United States will experience a either a recession or correction.  It is human nature to expect quick fixes for problems.  The recession of 2008 is no exception to this mentality.  Despite reeling debt problems that have reached the trillions of dollars, politicians still have difficulty stimulating the American economy enough to see jobless number significantly decrease.  With gas prices almost reaching records highs, demand destruction is imminent, if not already present.  This will make the US recovery sputter, if not completely falter.  

As predicted, the USD has strengthened against other global currencies after global reports indicate a worldwide slow down.  Additionally, commodity prices have tumbled in movement and in volume not seen since the market crash of 2008.  People are also questioning the sustainability of the Euro, after reports of ways to ween Greece off the Euro.  The Japanese Yen has also weakened against the dollar due largely to the Central Bank of Japan's decision to loosen the money supply.  The decision was made largely due to the aftermath of the horrible earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear accident that impacted GDP output.