Inspiration in Japan

The Robot Forex team is equally intrigued and impressed by the Japanese people and their exceptional ability to contend with the aftermath of the destructive Tsunami.  This ancient, formal, and collective society emphasizes sacrifice for the greater good of the community.  Despite a lack of food and water in certain coastal regions of this small country, individuals stand patiently in long lines to receive rationed handouts.  The young and elderly are given priority over able body men and women.  Despite a lack of policing in many tsunami struck areas, there have been no reports of any rioting or looting activity.  

Had this event occurred in most other places in the world, there likely would have been widespread crime, anarchy, looting, and hysteria.  What we found most remarkable are the 50 brave men who are exposing themselves to fatal levels of radiation in order to cool the overheated reactor.  A true act of selflessness in a world filled with greed and negativity.  The Robot Forex team is truly inspired by their actions. 

Commodity Prices Rebound

With investors focusing primarily on the unfolding events in Japan and the possibility of  higher radiation levels leaking from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, the ongoing instability in the Middle East has largely been ignored.  Oil prices, agriculture prices, and precious metals decreased over the last week after heavy trading volume, a sharp decline in the Nikkei index, and the appreciation of the Japanese Yen.  

However, ongoing turmoil and instability in the oil rich Middle East has finally gotten the attention of commodity traders and investors.  The United States has endorsed an Arab League resolution that supports a no-fly zone in Libya.  In fact, some are speculating that the the U.S. will even bomb pro-Gaddafi forces and targets.  Bahrain is no longer taking a defensive posture in face of Shiite-based rioters, but has become more offensive to quash the unrest.  In fact, forces from Saudi Arabia and the UAE are actively protecting oil producing sites to avoid further supply disruptions and increased price spikes.

If you enjoy scalping and short term trading, it might be worth taking advantage of the large volume and volatility.  Additionally, analysts are predicting that once the nuclear situation is under control, Japan will be bullish for the long term.  You may also consider betting against the Yen in the long term.