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Double Dip Housing Market?

Economists are looking at key housing report data that suggests home prices and new home construction are on the decline in the United States.  While there is a debate among economists about the time frame of this housing price correction, almost everyone agrees that it will take years for the housing market to recover.  Despite a continued decline in home prices, the U.S. dollar continues to weaken against major currencies, including the Yen, Euro, CAD, and Australian dollar.  With robust economic expansion in many parts of the world, the USD will continue to lose value as a result of a huge trade deficit, a budgeting crisis, and a slow economic recovery in the U.S.  

With continued conflict and instability in the Middle Eastern countries, a jump in oil prices may derail the global economic recovery.  If this occurs, the USD may appreciate in value in the short-term.  If another conflict or natural disaster takes place, this may also lead to limit global economic growth, which would allow the USD to temporarily appreciate.  The Robot Forex team still believes that the future for the USD is grim, especially after the United State's decision to involve itself in another conflict overseas.  

3rd Palestinian Intifada?

The Robot Forex team is watching the situation in the Middle East closely after an exchange of Grad rockets, mortars, and artillery shells have rocked large cities in southern Israel and the Gaza strip.  After years of relative calm, a bombing attack in the heart of Jerusalem killed one person and injured dozens more.  Video taken from the scene showed pandemonium, with many ambulances and security forces present.  The bus station that was targeted is one of Israel's busiest.  Members of the Robot Forex website would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt condolences to the people of Israel and the civilian children inadvertently killed by the Israeli Defense Forces.  

With the possibility of increased retaliatory strikes against Hamas in Gaza and possible military action against targets in the West Bank, the Israeli stock exchange and economy may become negatively impacted.  If another round of fighting and bloodshed breaks out, it is likely that the NIS (New Israeli Shekel) will depreciate in value against currencies like the USD and the Euro.  We suggest either taking advantage of a successful Forex Robot from this website, or betting long against the Shekel.  

A Yen Rebound?

Japanese Yen

With ongoing fear surrounding the nuclear power plant in Fukushima and the cessation of manufacturing output from large companies like Toyota, the Yen appreciated to a five year high against the dollar.  The central bank of Japan recognizes the danger of deflation, which makes Japanese exports more expensive for other countries.  This could cause further problems for the Japanese economy, which could quite possibly slip into a recession.  

In an effort to combat this unwanted currency appreciation, the Japanese central bank took steps to increase the supply of money within the economy.  This has allowed the Yen to appreciate by over 2% after yesterday's close.  The Forex Robot team still believes that investing against the Yen over the long term is a wise investment.   

Ceasefire in Yemen? 

Oil prices decreased today after news outlets reported that Gaddafi agreed to a ceasefire against a popular rebellion throughout Yemen.  Gaddafi's official "announcement" took place after the UN security council and the United States agreed to take all necessary measures to protect Yemenite civilians.  These measures could include a no fly zone, the bombing of aircraft hangers, and targeting pro-Gaddafi military assets.  Despite Gaddafi's announcement, news correspondents continue to witness military clashes between rebels and pro-regime militants.  In response, Western nations are  skeptical of the country's affirmation of abiding by the ceasefire.  Oil prices continue to be traded with great volatility. 

The Forex Robot team is completely opposed to the intervention of the United States in this ongoing internal matter in  Yemen.  In our view, the Western world simply doesn't appreciate nor understand the complex factors that dominate Middle East politics.  Most Arabic countries have populaces that are align themselves based on religious, ethnic, or tribal lines, instead of nationalism.  Gaddafi might act similar to a Looney Tunes character, but at least he is opposed to an Islamic theocracy and support for terrorist groups like Al Qaeda. 

Middle East Turmoil

Inspiration in Japan

The Robot Forex team is equally intrigued and impressed by the Japanese people and their exceptional ability to contend with the aftermath of the destructive Tsunami.  This ancient, formal, and collective society emphasizes sacrifice for the greater good of the community.  Despite a lack of food and water in certain coastal regions of this small country, individuals stand patiently in long lines to receive rationed handouts.  The young and elderly are given priority over able body men and women.  Despite a lack of policing in many tsunami struck areas, there have been no reports of any rioting or looting activity.  

Had this event occurred in most other places in the world, there likely would have been widespread crime, anarchy, looting, and hysteria.  What we found most remarkable are the 50 brave men who are exposing themselves to fatal levels of radiation in order to cool the overheated reactor.  A true act of selflessness in a world filled with greed and negativity.  The Robot Forex team is truly inspired by their actions. 

Commodity Prices Rebound

With investors focusing primarily on the unfolding events in Japan and the possibility of  higher radiation levels leaking from the Fukushima nuclear power plant, the ongoing instability in the Middle East has largely been ignored.  Oil prices, agriculture prices, and precious metals decreased over the last week after heavy trading volume, a sharp decline in the Nikkei index, and the appreciation of the Japanese Yen.  

However, ongoing turmoil and instability in the oil rich Middle East has finally gotten the attention of commodity traders and investors.  The United States has endorsed an Arab League resolution that supports a no-fly zone in Libya.  In fact, some are speculating that the the U.S. will even bomb pro-Gaddafi forces and targets.  Bahrain is no longer taking a defensive posture in face of Shiite-based rioters, but has become more offensive to quash the unrest.  In fact, forces from Saudi Arabia and the UAE are actively protecting oil producing sites to avoid further supply disruptions and increased price spikes.

If you enjoy scalping and short term trading, it might be worth taking advantage of the large volume and volatility.  Additionally, analysts are predicting that once the nuclear situation is under control, Japan will be bullish for the long term.  You may also consider betting against the Yen in the long term. 

Japanese Disaster’s Impact

The Japanese Yen continues to strengthen against the US dollar as reports indicate that radiation continues to leak from the Fukushima nuclear power plant.  The situation has worsened to the extent that workers attempting to fix the leaking core and cool the reactor were required to evacuate the area.  Rescue efforts around the area have become more complicated, as citizens outside of a 20 KM radius around the nuclear plants are required to remain indoors and seal their doors and windows.  The U.S. State Department and other governments have issued a warning against travelling to Japan for their citizens.  

After a whopping 11% drop on the Nikkei stock index on Tuesday, the Japanese stock index rose by nearly three and a half percent.  World markets were all adversely affected by yesterday's news and the continued uncertainty surrounding this on \going human and economic disaster.  Reports of positive economic data in the US did little to alleviate any trader fears that limited industrial output in the world's third largest economy won't have an effect.  

On a positive note, the price of crude oil continues to decline despite reports of continued unrest in the Middle East.  According to major news outlets, the UAE and Saudi government have supplied military personnel to the kingdom of Bahrain.  The Shiite majority in that country are requesting better financial conditions and more freedoms in the small Sunni republic.  However, as with all things in the Middle East, religion and tribal identity are often more important that individual identity or personal freedoms.  

Nuclear Disaster in Japan?

The number of confirmed deaths in Japan continue to rise.  Some analysts are speculating that despite the 15 minute warning that coastal residents received before the Tsunami, the number of casualties may rise to over 10,000.  To make matters worse, it appears that the Japanese authorities have been unsuccessful in their efforts to avert a partial nuclear meltdown at the power plant in Fukushima.  To worsen matters, other nuclear power plants are also reported to be in distress.  In response, the Japanese authorities have implemented a mandatory evacuation order around the plant for all its citizens.  The cost of this ongoing disaster is expected to be over 100 billion USD.  Japanese stocks continue to fall amid the blackouts, death, broken infrastructure, and limited manufacturing output. 

The Yen continues to rise, while the dollar has lost some of its value.  The reason for this occurance is because the central bank of Japan is buying back Yens that it loaned to the United States.  In light of all the damage that's occurred to the world's third largest economy, world markets continue to sink.  With word of a possible radiation leak, Japanese stocks have plummeted.  Many quality brands, companies and subsidiaries are linked with Japanese output, which will impact workers, output, and production throughout the world.  The Forex Robot team will continue to closely watch the events that are taking place in Japan, and update our Forex Robot readers as the latest news becomes becomes available.  

In an effort to improve the quality of, our team is providing the latest Forex Robot products.  While not all products have been tested by our team, we do our best to provide you with important characteristics of each Forex Robot.   

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Forex Growth Bot - Forex Robot

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The Japanese Yen

The Robot Forex team would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt condolences to the people of Japan who have lost loved-ones in today's horrific earthquake and subsequent tsunami.  Markets reacted negatively in response to the widespread destruction caused to farmland and industrial areas in the world's 3rd largest economy.  According to widespread reports, the nuclear power plant in the city of Fukushima has radiation levels that have reached 1000x their normal levels.  The number of disaster victims have quickly soared to nearly 1,000 and the final numbers are expected to be beyond that.  

Investors began to purchase the Japanese Yen, thereby pushing up the value of the currency.  Simultaneously, the US dollar fell in value.  Also, despite continued unrest in Libya and reports of heated protests in eastern Saudi Arabia, a barrel of oil decreased to nearly $100.  This is because that while a real oil supply disruption exists in Libya, the destruction by the earthquake Japan has caused sort of an equalizing effect in the form of a small demand disruption.  The Robot Forex team was surprised to see that the major US stock indices were able to make modest gains at the close of today's trading session.  For those with higher risk trading strategies, the Japanese Yen might be worth investing in.

GPS Forex Robot Review


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The GPS Forex Robot website contains important evidence in the form of back-tests that prove the system's success.  According to Mr. Larsen, the Forex Robot is capable of generating an average return of 98% on trades.  Additionally, he and his team have devised a way to recover most of the trading losses that occur 2% of the time.  While we didn't see a 98% return on our trades, we were impressed with the software's performance and strongly recommend it to serious Forex traders. 

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All Eyes on Libya

Instability in the Middle East continues to put the global recovery in question.  Sweet crude oil prices have risen by nearly 25% percent within the last four weeks.  This unprecedented price hike is a associated with real oil output disruption as a result of civil war and blood-shed in Libya.  This important North African country produces nearly 3% of global oil production and has large reserves in the event of oil disruptions elsewhere.  With thirsty Asian countries demanding a record amount of energy resources, in addition to reports indicating an increase in global manufacturing, the current situation makes for speculative oil trading.  In fact, some energy traders and analysts are suggesting that today's crude prices of $105 may increase to even $200 if the situation is not quickly resolved.

The president and members of his cabinet recognize that high prices at the gas pump could stall the fragile U.S. economic recovery. It could even result in another recession associated with significant job loss.  In response, proposals have been made that could open the Strategic Petroleum Reserves.  This would temporarily lower crude prices with increased supply.  However, we at Robot Forex are skeptical that Muammar Gaddafi, the long standing Libyan dictator will simply pack his bags and go home.  To make the situation more volatile and complex, the U.S. is considering establishing a No-Fly Zone over Libya with NATO's assistance.  This will prevent pro-Gaddafi forces from using aircraft from attacking rebels attempting to overthrow the tyrant dictator.  

While the Robot Forex team appreciates human rights for everyone, the Middle East is not known for its history of tolerance and flexible view-points.  While Gaddafi is linked with horrific terrorist acts and an atrocious human rights record, he did bring some stability to that region.  With Islamic extremism taking hold in many formerly moderate countries, the United States and her allies might unknowingly be helping an Islamic regime come to power in Libya.  

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