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Goodbye Mr. Mubarak!

It is difficult to describe the Robot Forex team's feelings of trepidation, fear, and uncertainty surrounding the events taking place in the Arab world.  Reports out of Egypt are saying that army commanders have aligned their support with the people.  This puts Western countries in a difficult spot.  On the one hand, freedom and democracy are regarded as every man's inherent right.  On the other hand, with Islamic radicalism sweeping through Muslim countries, Egypt's future seems uncertain.  A similar uprising took place in 1979, and we are now close to seeing an extremist Shiite regime with nuclear capability.  Despite the anarchy, looting, and street clashes with police, the Robot Forex team was surprised to see a small recovery in Egyptian market and pound.  

Another country impacted greatly by the events in Egypt is Israel.  The small Jewish state has seen peace on it's southern border for over 30 years.  With Mubarak pushed out of office, this chapter of peaceful coexistence may come to an end.  What's most worrying is having an Islamic regime controlling Cairo that openly supports the Hamas-led government in Gaza.  Robot Forex members recommend keeping a close eye on the Shekel for potential investment opportunities.  

Egypt in Flames!

Riots in Egypt

As discussed in an earlier post by the Forex Robot team, the people of Tunisia's successful revolt has spread to Egypt and parts of Yemen.  The beginning of this popular movement began with a few thousand demonstrators calling for a "Day of Rage".  These demonstrations that demanded more freedoms, job opportunity, and equality quickly spread throughout major Egyptian cities, including Cairo, Alexandria, and Suez.  

Initially, large numbers of Egyptian police attempted to contain the demonstrations with tear gas, sticks, rubber bullets, and even live fire.  However, the people of Egypt were not deterred,  as the number of demonstrators began to swell.  This historical event has brought Egyptian citizens from different ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds together in a shared effort to oust long-time "president" and military dictator Hosni Mubarak.  After several days of intense demonstrations, rioting and looting is now commonplace.  At present, the police have all but disappeared off the streets of Cairo.  Marshal law has been declared, and the military had been called up to quell the rioting and enforce the curfew. However, it appears that ranking military officers are dissenting, with no apparent action being taken by the soldiers. Since Egypt is the most populace Arab country, and considered the "capital" of the Arab world, the Forex Robot team is keeping a close eye on unfolding events.

The Forex Robot team salutes the people of Egypt in their effort for regime change and more freedoms.  Due to the volatility of these past few days, Forex Robot members were correct in their assessment of the resulting economic consequences of these events.  Since this is an oil-rich region, this level of instability has far reaching consequences on crude oil prices and currency valuations.  The Egyptian pound has depreciated considerably against other major currencies, including the USD.  Presently, the United States dollar is equal to 5.8575 Egyptian pounds.  As expected for a country in political turmoil, the Egyptian stock market has reached lows not seen since the financial crisis in 2008. 

For Forex Robot readers with a strong risk appetite, you might consider purchasing the Egyptian pound after letting it depreciate it a little more.  Additionally, as seen on Friday, the price of oil increased by nearly 5%.  With political unrest sweeping the Arab world, speculators could push oil prices to $100 or beyond.  In situations like these, every moment counts.  Make sure to stay updated with the latest economic and current events news updates at our Robot Forex website. 

Real Change in the Arab world?


As a Robot Forex team member, I have always been amazed by the dynamics of our changing world. When trading independently or with Forex Robots, news events can quickly effect a country's economic forecasts and currency valuation.  If history tells us one things, it's that nothing stays the same at any given moment in time.  Robot Forex traders should always be cognizant of this important fact, especially with the rapid spread of information through media outlets and the internet.  Awareness can be the difference between success and failure in the profitable realms of independent currency trading and Forex Robots.  

In this segment, the Robot Forex team would like to focus on the situation in north Africa.  After years of pent-up frustration with political corruption, nepotism, and limited freedoms, the citizens of Tunisia bravely and successfully revolted against the ruling party of "president" Ben Ali.   The president and close members of his party were quickly flown to Saudi Arabia after weeks of increasingly violent street protests against his rule.  At present, the army is attempting to restore calm. However, their task is difficult with gunmen suspected to be loyal to Ben Ali that  are shooting randomly throughout the country.

The Robot Forex team believes that this is the first sign of real democratic change within the Arab world.  This event is significant because other Arab governments may also begin to see similar reactions among their own populations that are sick of poor government strategies, limited economic expansion, and constrained freedoms.  Because this is an oil rich region, keep an eye on oil prices, and the possibility of USD appreciations.  In times of uncertainty, people still run to the ol' U.S. dollar.  

Portugal: Another EuroZone Challenge

Euro Woes

The Chinese and Japanese governments have agreed to purchase debt from the European Financial Stability Facility.  This important announcement in the beginning of the work week helped alleviate many traders' concerns about a possible Portugal default.  The EUR/USD has seen significant upside movement, allowing Forex investors that were betting on the Euro to make significant profits.  Additionally, the general weakness in the Greenback has allowed Forex traders who bet against the dollar to do well.  However, with so many uncertainties in Europe, and the possibility of future defaults, the right Forex robot will ensure profitable trades in times of volatility.

Brazil Floods

The Robot Forex team would like to extend our condolences to the victims of the recent Brazil floods.  While we at Robot Forex are not experts in the filed of meteorology, many of us believe the rise in temperatures are causing more violent and unpredictable weather patterns.  Oceans that are warmer will undoubtedly cause more humidity to be preset in our atmosphere.  However mundane, such knowledge can help Forex investors predict which economies might be impacted most by adverse weather events.   

Old man winter at it again!

Weather Update

Since some members of the Robot Forex team are from the Midwest region, we have a unique appreciation for large snowfall events.  However, it appears this year has been especially brutal.  In fact, I'm thinking about moving to the Southern tip of Florida as a way to escape mother nature's wrath.  The weather is an important issue for commodity traders that focus on agriculture.  The recent flooding in Australia, the drought in Argentina, and a limited U.S. supply of agricultural products mean bullish prices for corn, soybean, and wheat.  In fact, prices haven't been this high in over two years.  Additionally, commodities offer investors a safe-haven to hedge against future inflation. (Opinion of Robot Forex only) 


In an effort to diversify our postings and articles, the Robot Forex team would like our readers to consider the current instability in the Middle East.  Due to the sensitivity of the region's oil reserves and primitive mentalities, the current tension in Lebanon should be carefully watched.  Albeit unlikely, a civil war in Lebanon could potentially inflame hostilities between the her two neighboring countries, Israel and Syria.  Since Syria is aligned with Iran, an event can quickly spiral out of control and result in a wider conflict.  We at Robot Forex consider this important because the Greenback (USD) always rallies in times of fear or uncertainty.   Depending on your risk tolerance, betting on crude oil might be worth considering as well. 


Snow Anyone?

It's been an interesting past few days for Americans living in the country's southern half.  An usually powerful low pressure system associated with arctic air and humidity resulted in snow and ice.  This made for a mess on the roads, and an untold number of motor accidents.  In fact, according to news reports, with exception to Florida, there is measurable snow on the ground in every state.  The harsh winter, continued positive earning reports from companies, and today's depreciation in the US dollar has led to higher crude oil prices.  For those with high risk appetite, some commodity experts are speculating that by 2012, crude oil prices will be trading in the $150 range.  


Black Panther Robot Forex


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The Black Panther Robot Forex website includes performance data and statistics that were taken in 2009 while the system was in Smart Money Management mode.  In addition to the usual advantages of most Robot Forex system, such as:

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This unique Robot Forex also includes special advantages such as:

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Alaskan Oil Pipline

There is some disagreement among commodity investors about whether the current economic situation in the United States and Europe warrants the recent spike in prices.  A barrel of crude oil is currently hovering around $90 USD.  Some economists and fund managers insist that the continued economic expansion in Asia, especially in China, ensures positive commodity price movements for the indefinite future.  Additionally, the inverse relationship between the U.S. dollar and commodities might also indicate where prices will be heading for foreseeable future.  The Robot Forex team believes that even though there may be a short term correction for commodity prices with the strengthening of the dollar, the demand for crude oil will continue to increase. With ETFs available to investors, you can choose a leveraged fund that corresponds to twice the price movement of a barrel of crude oil.  Due to the increased risks associated with leveraged ETFs, investors should be cautious with their pursuits. 

The Robot Forex team would like to take this opportunity to extend our condolences to all the victims of the despicable mass shooting attack that took place at an event hosted by Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona.  As a member of Robot Forex, everything is secondary when you consider the sanctity of life.  Those who advocate this unthinkable act, even in a metaphorical manner, should consider the possibility of such outcomes.  We hope the families of those that are no longer with us find strength during such difficult times.  A speedy recovery to those still fighting for their lives. 

Happy New Year!

After an all too brief vacation for the recent holidays and New Years, the Robot Forex team has returned to supply the online Forex trading community with interesting, informative, and entertaining news articles.  Myself and other members of the Robot Forex website will continuously discuss world events that impact financial markets, including stocks, commodities, and currency price valuations.  Additionally, we will include descriptions of popular Forex Robot trading systems to help guide you through the purchasing process.  

Week in Summary

The US Dollar rebounded in value against major currencies this week, after the release of a disappointing unemployment report.  With investors expecting more substantial job growth, funds were reallocated from riskier assets like stocks and commodities to more stable positions like the US Dollar.  The impressive gains that we've seen in the major markets continue to hold, which have made nearly all financial analysts and fund managers agree that there is only room for continued growth.  While we agree with this positive sentiment, there continues to be a number of hurdles that the American economy must overcome in order to ensure sustained improvement and expansion.  Some of these challenges include ballooning government debt, a large trade deficit, and a record number of bankruptcies in the year 2010.  

Another important story this week has been  been the horrible floods that continue to wreak havoc on Australian communities in the state of Queensland.  We at Robot Forex send our prayers to sufferers of this disaster, with flooding that hasn't been seen on such destructive levels for nearly 50 years.  Due to the costs of the flooding, which is expected to be in the billions of dollars, the Australian dollar lost value this week.  We recommend keeping an eye on this particular currency, as the damage will only impact the country's economy temporarily.  

We hope you have an enjoyable and profitable trading week!   

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