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Where shall the markets go?

Obama and members of his cabinet were able to strike a tax-cut deal with Republicans that would allow unemployed citizens to continue receiving benefits for up to 99 weeks.  Additionally, Obama has temporarily extended tax cuts for households that receive more than $250,000 for two more years.  This decision has irked the president's own party, who were expecting Obama to do away with "tax-cuts for the wealthy", which were originally instituted by the Bush administration. Simultaneously, the Republican party was also dissatisfied with the president's decision, and requested that the tax-cuts be made permanent. Traders were elated by the deal, with global markets rising broadly. 

Despite recent data showing an increase in the unemployment rate, other economic indicators point to a rebound.  Businesses that are closely correlated with housing construction, such as Home Depot, saw sales increase.  The question Forex traders are asking themselves is with so much monetization of debt within the EuroZone and the United States, where is most profitable place to put their money.  If the United States is able to make a faster recovery that European countries, that USD will likely appreciate over the short-term. 

Forex Robot of the Day

Despite it's odd name, PIPs4Idiots Forex Robot provides unique automated and profitable technical strategies for the Forex Robot trading community.  It's recent launch took place on December 7th, and Robot Forex traders have become increasingly more interested in the product.  It uses a combination of trend adapting strategies and communal trading feedback that continuously update Robot Forex owners.  Of the different Forex Robot systems we've tested, PIPs4Idiots has relatively lower risk and a limited draw-down.  The PIPs4Idiots Robot Forex comes standard with a 60-day money back guarantee. 

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The Rally Has Begun… Except for the USD.

After recent global events rattled the markets amid concern about  growing Korean tensions and conflicting economic data, the market roared back to life over the last few days.  The Dow Jones Industrial average recovered to within 100 points of its 52 weeks high.  According to data released Wednesday, new home sale prices increased by nearly 10% in the US, and increased business activity in China  were bullish indicators for investors.

Despite core inflation being near record lows, and there being ample oil supply, commodity prices increased to near two year highs.  Gold, silver, and agricultural commodities continue to be used as a hedge against what many investors believe to be the beginning of depreciation of the dollar and inflation.  However, some analysts predict that this market rally is simply one positive economic sign amid continued serious financial woes.  With a 9.5% unemployment rate that stubbornly won't decrease, a growing budget deficit, and a persisting trade deficit, the U.S. is still in need of serious "financial repair". 

Our team at Robot Forex believe that continued economic volatility holds tremendous potential for investors who are currently involved in Forex market trading. However, without being able to identify trends and without a comprehensive understanding of technical analysis, making profitable trends can be a challenge.  The Robot Forex team believes that using an effective Forex Robot with a short-term or scalping strategy will ensure high profitability in times of economic uncertainty.  

The Fap Turbo Forex Robot continues to be one of today's most popular trading systems available on the market today.  This system's unique technical strategies have earned this software package a fantastic reputation for profit generation in some of the most volatile trading scenarios. 

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