The increase in crude prices has risen to over $100 dollars a barrel.  This price increase is on the backdrop of news reports that an advanced US unmanned aerial vehicle was either shot down or crashed in Iranian territory.  What makes this event particularly concerning to the Forex Robot team is that the specifications of this sophisticated UAV remains classified due to the sensitive technologies of this unique aircraft.  The RQ-170 Sentinel is the only known UAV designed with sophisticated stealth to allow for spying missions deep inside enemy territory.  

The CIA is often in direct control of these aircraft, and there are mixed reports as to whether the Iranians were able to retrieve most of the aircraft intact, or whether it incurred significant damage upon impact.  In any case, there is a good chance that US made technology in now in the hands of a serious adversary, which will allow the nexus of pariah states, including North Korea and Syria to increase their capabilities or learn ours.  Perhaps these aircraft should include an automated self destruct module for situations like the one we find ourselves in today.