The next U.S. presidential elections in 2012 will be both interesting and unique.  Ron Paul, a self described libertarian has become more popular among Republican voters after Cain's recent announcement.  He informed members of the press that he intends to leave the presidential race after allegations surfaced of an extra-marital affair.  In order to protect himself and family members, this announcement came over the weekend.  It is hard for the Forex Robot team to contemplate the next leader of the United States being a full fledged and committed Libertarian.  

Under Ron Paul, many federal-based government issued programs will cease to exist.  An example of some these programs include both Medicare and Medicaid.  According to Paul, these federal based programs are not in the constitution and therefore unlawful.  With increasing debt of the US government, war, unnecessary military spending, and bases scattered throughout the world, Americans are fed up with having little say with their destiny.  They simply want the United States government to start making appropriate and sound decisions.  Obama promised change but delivered little.  Ron Paul would certainly change US foreign policy as well as internal policies.  More power to individual union states and less power to the federal government.  The Forex Robot team wishes Ron Paul the best of luck in his pursuit of the presidency.