Forex Robot analysts were frustrated but not surprised by the unprecedented and irresponsible attack on the British Embassy in Tehran, Iran.  This event brought chilling memories of the 1979 Islamic revolution that resulted in US embassy personnel being held hostage for more than a year.  At the time, president Carter refrained from military intervention until exhausting all diplomatic options.  However, the military operation failed miserably after a C-130 fuel tanker crashed with a helicopter enroute to rescue to the US embassy diplomats.  Eight American servicemen lost their lives in this failed operation.

To the relief of the British government, any hostages taken by the aggressive and emotionally charged Iranian crowd did not result in a similar hostage situation.  In fact, all the embassy workers were quickly released and flown back to London.  As a consequence of this event, the UK embassy in Iran has been effectively closed down until further notice and the British government has expelled all Iranian diplomats in response.  Of course, the price of oil was effected adverses, with prices going higher.  It is now being reported in various media outlets that the French government has also ordered its many of it embassy staff to return to Paris.