Despite seeing significant gains in both Asian, European, and US markets two days ago, stock futures are again falling across the board.  The reasons for this continued unease among investors are a combination of several factors.  After a meeting of European finance ministers in Brussels, there lacked a unified consensus in ways to effectively contend with the burgeoning sovereign debt issue for countries like Greece, Italy , and Ireland.  The longer the European financial crisis continues without an effective way to solve this very serious issue, the more difficult it will be to contain.  Forex Robot fully appreciates the fact that if there is no reliable solution to this mess, a disorganized breakup of the Euro is a real possibility.  This catastrophic financial scenario would put world economies into a tail-spin, resulting in deep recessions throughout the world, including the United States.

To worsen matters, the Standard & Poor's financial organization has downgraded many banks and lending institutions.  This downgrade at this particular time has created even more worry among investors.  If banks and financial institutions are unable to lend to qualified companies and individuals, economies won't be able to expand to their fullest potential.  In other words, there is a stifling of real GDP growth.  In addition, cracks are beginning to form in the booming Chinese real estate market.  If a bubble exists in this market and quickly crashes, the Chinese will also be impacted by the world's continued economic instability.  

Forex Robot will continue to watch the global economic situation closely and report on political and financial events that impacts currency valuations.