Members of the Forex Robot team continue to benefit from the very low prices available to shoppers at retail stores before the holiday season.  However, in this article, we want to touch upon a growing phenomenon in the United States that shocked the country's many citizens.  While the United States is all too familiar with a relatively high level of violence for a first world democracy, media reports tell stories of Black Friday shoppers pepper spraying others, shootings, security guard brutality, fights, and being indifferent to an older man that stumbled and died.  Forex Robot members appreciate bargain prices as much as the next person, however, people in the U.S. must reconsider their priorities.  The holiday season should be about giving, not taking at any cost.  

On a more positive note, the Forex Robot team is pleased to report that the retail industry saw records sales numbers on Black Friday.  While most economists and financial analysts may interpret this news as positive, we see the results somewhat differently.  It may be an indication that while Americans do in fact have more money than recent years, it may also mean that Americans have intentionally waited until this time to make purchases.  Times are still very tough in the United States, and people are spending their money conservatively.