There is great concern among members of the Forex Robot team concerning the stability of the Egypt and the future of the Arab world.  For those unfamiliar with recent events, protesters have returned to Tahrir Square to denounce military rulers for deciding to retain power until the middle of 2012.  Many Egyptians consider the military a continuation of the Mubarak regime, which ruled the country for nearly 3 decades.  The popular uprising that ousted Mubarak was fueled by growing discontent among Egyptian citizens who were fed-up with nepotism, corruption, joblessness, police brutality and social inequalities.  

When Mubarak ultimately left office, citizens throughout the country rejoiced.  An interim president and government was established after Mubarak's departure. However, Hussein Tantawi, a former military leader under President Mubarak, took the presidency in February.  Even though general elections were scheduled in about a weeks time, thousands of Egyptians have poured into the center of Cairo demanding that the military transfer power to a newly elected president.  Since Mubarak stepped down from office in accordance with the people's demands, the country has seen divestment, increased crime, and a depreciating currency.  In fact, the Egyptian stock exchange, which was seeing strong growth over the last few years, has plummeted by more than 50%.  

One of our primary fears at Forex Robot is that the Muslim Brotherhood, now a vocal and significant player in Egyptian politics will win a majority in the country's politics.  Many poor and uneducated Egyptians with strong Islamic religious backgrounds support this growing political force.  However, this political party is openly against any peace treaty with Israel and is reportedly providing support to Hamas in the Gaza Strip.  Forex Robot is has closely watched the unfolding events in Egypt with fears of a possible Islamic-style revolution, which occurred in Iran after the Shah was ousted.  These fears become less imaginary when you hear reports of governmental officials deciding on what is "appropriate" for women to wear or not wear. 

If you disagree with our predictions, this may be a great opportunity to invest heavily in Egyptian markets and the country's currency.  Presently, 1 dollar buys 6 Egyptian pounds.  If the country stabilizes, the Egyptian currency will quickly appreciate, allowing you to make significant profits.