Upon watching the Republican GOP presidential debate on FOX, the Forex Robot team couldn't help but notice Ron Paul, a self described republican with a strong libertarianism tilt.  After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States continues to have a military posture and mentality that costs American tax payers 100s of billions of dollars each year.  With military bases scattered throughout the world, including places like Germany, the UK, Turkey, and Japan, the United States continues to be under the erroneous belief that it is solely responsible for ensuring global peace and security.  While it should be recognized that the United States brought  stability and effective democracies to both Asian countries and Europe, it is time for US foreign policy to be restructured.  No other first world western country has highway bridges collapsing, while simultaneously spending billions in Iraq and Afghanistan doing nation building.  

The United States has reached a critical point, and we think its current political and governmental system is antiquated and bloated.  Ron Paul's position is much more honest and logical.  States should have increased control over themselves, while the Federal Government should be downsized.  High taxes, even higher government spend, and foreign aid should cease.  The power of the government should once again be handed back to citizens of the United States.  It says a lot about a country when nearly 1% of all citizens are in the prison system, for reasons that include petty crimes and marijuana usage.  It is time to reconsider politics.  Despite his unorthodox approach, the Forex Robot team strongly endorses Ron Paul for president.