The Arab revolt that began in Tunisia has found its way to the Alawite regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.  What began as peaceful protests has erupted into civil strife, military massacres, and refugees.  The Syrian dictator indicated in public speeches that instead of providing Syrian citizens with greater freedoms and human rights, his ruthless and savage regime will stamp out "armed gangs" and anti-government activists.  CNN and other news agencies are reporting that Syrian refugees have fled to neighboring Turkey to avoid Syrian military advances and indiscriminate shootings of civilians.  Unconfirmed and television reports show unarmed protesters holding placards and posters being shot at without warning or provocation.  

Many members of the UN security council have drafted a resolution condemning Assad for his continued brutal military crackdown, but Russia promised to veto any resolution condemning its close Middle Eastern ally.  What's even more surprising to the Forex Robot team is that there are sharp divisions within the Arab League concerning this issue.  Some Arab states believe strong condemnation is in order, while other countries believe that it is imperative for Syria to remain a dictatorship and secure.  

With all signals pointing to slowing economic growth in the United States and elsewhere, commodity prices have fallen substantially.  As discussed in a former Robot Forex post, many investors are beginning to question the viability of a sustained economic recovery with burgeoning debt, high unemployment, and inflationary pressures.  Another issue many Americans avoid discussing is the mass retirement of the highly skilled and hard working baby-boomer generation.  Some economists have even been so bold as to suggest that the current generation is lazy and under-educated.