The Robot Forex community was surprised to learn that the Iranian navy is sending two warships through the Suez Canal in order to reach their destinations in Syria.  This decision was made at a time when the Middle East is experiencing protests, instability, and uncertainty.  The Israeli foreign minister declared that the Iranian warships are a "provocation".  It has been a long time since the Iranians sent warships through the Suez Canal.  Military analysts are concerned that with the Iranian warships in such close proximity to Israel, there could be covert or overt military action resulting in a wider conflict.  

Robot Forex members are of the opinion that due to the region's strategic importance to the United States, and the area's vast oil reserves, a conflict would result in high crude oil prices, the strengthening of the U.S. dollar and the weakening of the Israeli shekel.  We live in a dangerous world where Westerners are too naive or simply indifferent about the rising tide of religious fundamentalism sweeping our world.  Regimes like the one in Iran, who are willing to murder and suppress its own population would cause far greater damage to the world.  Ignorance is bliss until it finds you under the covers and destroys you while you slumber.

An military analyst in San Diego suggests that the Iranians are attempting to refocus it's population's anger and frustration towards Israel in any potential naval altercation.  Additionally, with the protests sweeping the Middle East, people of different Arabic country's would feel great support and sympathy for the Iranians if there were losses.  Robot Forex hopes that there will be a peaceful solution to this crises.  However, the Robot Forex team is realistic, who understands that arguing with God is an option.