It is difficult to describe the Robot Forex team's feelings of trepidation, fear, and uncertainty surrounding the events taking place in the Arab world.  Reports out of Egypt are saying that army commanders have aligned their support with the people.  This puts Western countries in a difficult spot.  On the one hand, freedom and democracy are regarded as every man's inherent right.  On the other hand, with Islamic radicalism sweeping through Muslim countries, Egypt's future seems uncertain.  A similar uprising took place in 1979, and we are now close to seeing an extremist Shiite regime with nuclear capability.  Despite the anarchy, looting, and street clashes with police, the Robot Forex team was surprised to see a small recovery in Egyptian market and pound.  

Another country impacted greatly by the events in Egypt is Israel.  The small Jewish state has seen peace on it's southern border for over 30 years.  With Mubarak pushed out of office, this chapter of peaceful coexistence may come to an end.  What's most worrying is having an Islamic regime controlling Cairo that openly supports the Hamas-led government in Gaza.  Robot Forex members recommend keeping a close eye on the Shekel for potential investment opportunities.