As a Robot Forex team member, I have always been amazed by the dynamics of our changing world. When trading independently or with Forex Robots, news events can quickly effect a country's economic forecasts and currency valuation.  If history tells us one things, it's that nothing stays the same at any given moment in time.  Robot Forex traders should always be cognizant of this important fact, especially with the rapid spread of information through media outlets and the internet.  Awareness can be the difference between success and failure in the profitable realms of independent currency trading and Forex Robots.  

In this segment, the Robot Forex team would like to focus on the situation in north Africa.  After years of pent-up frustration with political corruption, nepotism, and limited freedoms, the citizens of Tunisia bravely and successfully revolted against the ruling party of "president" Ben Ali.   The president and close members of his party were quickly flown to Saudi Arabia after weeks of increasingly violent street protests against his rule.  At present, the army is attempting to restore calm. However, their task is difficult with gunmen suspected to be loyal to Ben Ali that  are shooting randomly throughout the country.

The Robot Forex team believes that this is the first sign of real democratic change within the Arab world.  This event is significant because other Arab governments may also begin to see similar reactions among their own populations that are sick of poor government strategies, limited economic expansion, and constrained freedoms.  Because this is an oil rich region, keep an eye on oil prices, and the possibility of USD appreciations.  In times of uncertainty, people still run to the ol' U.S. dollar.