Euro Woes

The Chinese and Japanese governments have agreed to purchase debt from the European Financial Stability Facility.  This important announcement in the beginning of the work week helped alleviate many traders' concerns about a possible Portugal default.  The EUR/USD has seen significant upside movement, allowing Forex investors that were betting on the Euro to make significant profits.  Additionally, the general weakness in the Greenback has allowed Forex traders who bet against the dollar to do well.  However, with so many uncertainties in Europe, and the possibility of future defaults, the right Forex robot will ensure profitable trades in times of volatility.

Brazil Floods

The Robot Forex team would like to extend our condolences to the victims of the recent Brazil floods.  While we at Robot Forex are not experts in the filed of meteorology, many of us believe the rise in temperatures are causing more violent and unpredictable weather patterns.  Oceans that are warmer will undoubtedly cause more humidity to be preset in our atmosphere.  However mundane, such knowledge can help Forex investors predict which economies might be impacted most by adverse weather events.