Weather Update

Since some members of the Robot Forex team are from the Midwest region, we have a unique appreciation for large snowfall events.  However, it appears this year has been especially brutal.  In fact, I'm thinking about moving to the Southern tip of Florida as a way to escape mother nature's wrath.  The weather is an important issue for commodity traders that focus on agriculture.  The recent flooding in Australia, the drought in Argentina, and a limited U.S. supply of agricultural products mean bullish prices for corn, soybean, and wheat.  In fact, prices haven't been this high in over two years.  Additionally, commodities offer investors a safe-haven to hedge against future inflation. (Opinion of Robot Forex only) 


In an effort to diversify our postings and articles, the Robot Forex team would like our readers to consider the current instability in the Middle East.  Due to the sensitivity of the region's oil reserves and primitive mentalities, the current tension in Lebanon should be carefully watched.  Albeit unlikely, a civil war in Lebanon could potentially inflame hostilities between the her two neighboring countries, Israel and Syria.  Since Syria is aligned with Iran, an event can quickly spiral out of control and result in a wider conflict.  We at Robot Forex consider this important because the Greenback (USD) always rallies in times of fear or uncertainty.   Depending on your risk tolerance, betting on crude oil might be worth considering as well.