After an all too brief vacation for the recent holidays and New Years, the Robot Forex team has returned to supply the online Forex trading community with interesting, informative, and entertaining news articles.  Myself and other members of the Robot Forex website will continuously discuss world events that impact financial markets, including stocks, commodities, and currency price valuations.  Additionally, we will include descriptions of popular Forex Robot trading systems to help guide you through the purchasing process.  

Week in Summary

The US Dollar rebounded in value against major currencies this week, after the release of a disappointing unemployment report.  With investors expecting more substantial job growth, funds were reallocated from riskier assets like stocks and commodities to more stable positions like the US Dollar.  The impressive gains that we've seen in the major markets continue to hold, which have made nearly all financial analysts and fund managers agree that there is only room for continued growth.  While we agree with this positive sentiment, there continues to be a number of hurdles that the American economy must overcome in order to ensure sustained improvement and expansion.  Some of these challenges include ballooning government debt, a large trade deficit, and a record number of bankruptcies in the year 2010.  

Another important story this week has been  been the horrible floods that continue to wreak havoc on Australian communities in the state of Queensland.  We at Robot Forex send our prayers to sufferers of this disaster, with flooding that hasn't been seen on such destructive levels for nearly 50 years.  Due to the costs of the flooding, which is expected to be in the billions of dollars, the Australian dollar lost value this week.  We recommend keeping an eye on this particular currency, as the damage will only impact the country's economy temporarily.  

We hope you have an enjoyable and profitable trading week!