The US Dollar rallied against most global currencies after North Korean military shelled the small, but important Yeonpyeong islands in the Yellow Sea.  In response, South Korea scrambled their air force jets and responded with artillery shelling.  The North Korean attack resulted in at least two confirmed South Korean deaths and 15 injuries.  With tensions at a breaking point, the South Korean president spoke of "enormous retaliation" and promptly cancelled ongoing military exercises.  Such hostility seen today between the two sides has not been witnessed since they signed an armistice agreement in the early 1950s. 

With the possibility of a serious clash and instability in Asia, global markets were broadly lower after the closing bells.  The few areas of positivity were gold, agriculture, and the US dollar.  The Korean won took a nose dive against other currencies, which might be a good buy for traders with an appetite for risk and high returns.  However, with the recent discloser of a highly sophisticated nuclear enrichment facility, and an ever more brazen North Korean military leadership, the greenback might be the best currency to hold.  Even though the US dollar has had a wallop over the last year, it is the only currency global investors run to in times of insecurity, fear, or uncertainty.  

The NightFox Forex Robot performed especially well during this crises, and was able to identify a positive trend in the US dollar.  Those that own the NightFox Forex Robot  system are probably sending thank you letters to the program founders.