What are Forex Robots?
Forex Robots are automated trading systems that allow investors to profit from the Foreign Exchange Market with little or no need for active involvement. Each Forex Robot has unique trading strategies based on an underlying software design. Forex Robots are often referred to as Expert Advisors or Automated Trading Systems.

Who develops Forex Robots?
Software developers and experienced currency traders often design and manufacture Forex Robots as a collaborative team. Due to increased demand, the number of Forex Robot developers has skyrocketed.

Do Forex Robots need additional software in order trade?
Forex Robots require an active trading platform that is linked directly to the Foreign Exchange market. Client terminal are often supplied via online brokerage firm. The MetaTrader 4 Automated Trading System and most other trading platforms are compatible with Forex Robots.

How do Forex Robots work?
When you activate a system, it continuously analyzes the market for trading opportunities. When the system identifies a trading opportunity based on technical trading strategies, it quickly and automatically purchases or sells a currency to maximize profits.

Why are Forex Robots popular?
The system’s increasing popularity can be attributed to the financial success traders have experienced using these products. Despite having only a rudimentary understanding of fundamental and technical market analysis, novice traders that utilize Forex Robots are still able to make significant profits.

Is it difficult to install a Forex Robot onto my trading platform?
No. The installation process takes only minutes, and it is clearly explained within the Help menu of your trading platform.

Can I modify trading strategies on Forex Robots?
Some Expert Advisors do allow you to change the level of trading risk you are willing to undertake.