The Forex Robot team is waiting anxiously to see the results of  an ambitious bid by President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas for full state recognition by the United Nations.  The primary area being requested for statehood was formerly under the control of the Jordanians, and is commonly referred to as the West Bank.  Another small coastal enclave south of Israel was under the control of the Egyptians, and is also a part of this ambitious bid for UN state recognition.  

For those unfamiliar with this region, after the Six Day War in 1967, Israel succeeded in driving out the Egyptians and Jordanians from these two areas.  During that era, Arab regimes were hostile towards the recently established Jewish state, and negotiations with Israel was considered highly taboo.  Certain segments of Israeli society felt that since the Arab countries were unwilling to compromise, and the local populations within the West Bank of Jordan and Gaza were relatively small, building towns and outposts within the territories was warranted.  However, the Arab populations quickly grew in these areas, and the Israelis living outside the 1967 armistice line were considered foreigners and unwelcome.  A military presence was necessary to effectively defend Israelis living inside these disputed territories, and to prevent Palestinian infiltrators from incessant terrorist attacks that mainly targeted civilians.  These security measures intensified after the first and second Palestinian uprising.  

At this juncture, Israeli towns and villages in the former West Bank of Jordan comprise approximately 3% of the land.  However, restricted roads and security checks make life for average Palestinians both difficult and humiliating.  Peace negotiations were started between the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships several times, but failed.  Major points of contention include the division of Jerusalem as a ]capitol city for a future Palestinian state, and the allowance of 4 million ancestors of Palestinian refugees to move to Israel.  

Due to stalled peace talks, and continued Israeli housing construction in the former West Bank of Jordan, Mahmoud Abbas chose to circumvent Netanyahu's government, and seek legal status from the United Nations directly.  If Palestine is recognized as a country, the State of Israel would be in clear violation of international law by occupying a foreign country.  The Forex Robot team believes that since the realities on the ground for both Israelis and Palestinians will remain the same, it is in the best interest of both parties that direct negotiations take place to resolve this longstanding conflict. 

Due to recent strife with Turkey, instability in Egypt, and a high level of tension in the disputed territories, some members of the Forex Robot team believe that the shekel (NIS) will continue to slide against other major currencies.  Whether you are a fan of Israel or not, it is a country recognized by the United Nations with one of the strongest economies in the middle east.  It would be unwise to avoid potential money making investments as a result of personal bias or misinformation.  

May there be peace and security for everyone in this world without exception!