The Robot Forex team is watching the situation in the Middle East closely after an exchange of Grad rockets, mortars, and artillery shells have rocked large cities in southern Israel and the Gaza strip.  After years of relative calm, a bombing attack in the heart of Jerusalem killed one person and injured dozens more.  Video taken from the scene showed pandemonium, with many ambulances and security forces present.  The bus station that was targeted is one of Israel's busiest.  Members of the Robot Forex website would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt condolences to the people of Israel and the civilian children inadvertently killed by the Israeli Defense Forces.  

With the possibility of increased retaliatory strikes against Hamas in Gaza and possible military action against targets in the West Bank, the Israeli stock exchange and economy may become negatively impacted.  If another round of fighting and bloodshed breaks out, it is likely that the NIS (New Israeli Shekel) will depreciate in value against currencies like the USD and the Euro.  We suggest either taking advantage of a successful Forex Robot from this website, or betting long against the Shekel.