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Software: GPS Forex Robot
Year: 2009
Languages: English Only
Win Ratio: 95%
Drawdown: 3.0-8.0
Price: 149$
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GPS Forex Robot Review

The GPS Forex Robot was recently introduced to the Forex trading community and has become increasingly popular ever since it introduction.  The creator, Mark Larsen, is well known in the Forex community for his experience, knowledge, and Forex Robot reviews.  After creating popular review sites and years of successful and profitable trading, he teamed up with two talented software engineers to create the GPS Forex Robot system.  The automated trading system is designed to maximize profits in all Forex market conditions.  Unlike other Forex Robots that are limited to a maximum of one or two currency pairs, the GPS expert advisor is designed to trade a variety of USD and foreign currency pairs.  

Significant Returns

The GPS Forex Robot website contains important evidence in the form of back-tests that prove the system's success.  According to Mr. Larsen, the Forex Robot is capable of generating an average return of 98% on trades.  Additionally, he and his team have devised a way to recover most of the trading losses that occur 2% of the time.  While we didn't see a 98% return on our trades, we were impressed with the software's performance and strongly recommend it to serious Forex traders. 

Fully Automated Trading

The GPS Forex Robot is reasonably priced at $149 and can be quickly downloaded and installed to your MetaTrader trading platform.  We were more than satisfied with the system's automated functioning.  Traders unfamiliar with Metatrader will benefit from clear instructions included with the software package.  Most importantly, you aren't required to sit near you computer during trading hours.  All the hard work is done for you.

Money Back Guarantee 

The Forex Robot includes a solid 60 day money back guarantee that is backed by the ClickBank company.


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