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Italy Downgrade

Monday's sell off of global stock markets and the sharp weakening of the Euro were predicted by the Forex Robot team.  To worsen matters, Standards & Poors has downgraded Italy. The reason for this downgrade is due to Italy's weakening economy and its perceived insufficient response to solve it's current debt insolvency.  Fear is beginning to grip traders throughout the world, as it is recognized that a weakened Euro and the possibility of a country's default within the EuroZone will have serious consequences for both global economic health and stability.  

Nouriel Roubini, a famous economist, known for his accurate prediction of the 2008 economic and housing market collapse has suggested that Greece should quickly find a way to exit from the Eurozone.  He suggests that Greece's economy is already in default, and by allowing large European countries, such as France and Germany to provide continued financial assistance in the form of bailouts, the whole EuroZone is being adversely effected.  Additionally, he believes that there are little chances of improvement for Greece, especially with a population unwilling to accept austerity measures set in place by the highly unpopular government. 

Another important market being impacted by extreme volatility is the equities market.  Brent and crude oil prices have seen wild swings over the last few weeks.  For those traders with steel stomachs, we suggest buying oil below $85 and selling when the prices reach close to $90.   

Short the Euro?

It's been a tumultuous past few weeks for major indices throughout the world.  Our Forex Robot team understands that the United States economy continues to experience serious setbacks that are preventing any real economic growth.  Factors preventing growth include stagflation, high food and energy prices, limited job growth, and few governmental measures left available to have any real stimulating effect.  Despite a recent 300 billion dollar proposal by President Obama to help stimulate the economy in the form of aggressive tax cuts and job creation, many economists believe that even if it is passed by both both parties in the House and Senate, it is simply too little too late to prevent the U.S. from sliding back into a recession.  Recent economic reports indicate that there is currently no job growth and the number of Americans below the poverty line is nearly 1 in 6.  These sobering statistics were last seen in 1993.  

Over the course of the last few weeks, we've seen the Euro tumble in price against major currencies, including the USD.  Serious doubt persists among currency traders with respect to the sustainability of the Euro.  Despite efforts to bailout Greece, the country is seemingly incapable of making sound austerity measures to restructure their economy.  Some experts are beginning to suggest that Greece will inevitably default, causing a chain reaction that will ripple throughout the Euro-Zone.  Even though important European players, including France and Germany have pledged that continued assistance to avoid this potential calamity, doubt remains.

The Forex Robot team expects extreme volatility for the EUR over the course of the next few weeks.  When it becomes clearer as to how the global economic slow down has impacted France and Germany, there will be serious movement.  Additionally, our Forex Robot team also believes that the USD will appreciate in value against other currencies after it is realized that the United States economy is slipping into another recession.  

Bin Laden is DEAD!

Bin Laden is Dead! 

After strong intelligence reports, President Barack Obama authorized US special operation commandos to conduct a deep and pinpointed raid against a well fortified and lavish compound deep in Pakistan.  The large compound is located in Abbottabad, a mid-size city in the northern part of the conservative Islamic country.  The affluent city has a population of over 100,00 and contains Pakistan's prestigious military academy.  According to media outlets, the American intelligence community is having difficulty accepting Pakistani claims that an expensive compound with barbed wire, high walls, and cameras did not raise red flags or suspicion.  

According to reports, special operation commandos were airlifted via helicopter to an area not far from the compound.  While details of the actual encounter are limited, it was reported that a fierce firefight took place between Osama Bin Laden, his body guards and US special forces.  Ultimately, Bin Laden was killed in the encounter, and his blood taken for DNA analysis to confirm his identity.  When this generation's leading terrorist had his body positively identified, his remains were taken to sea to prevent his burial place from being used as a place for martyrdom. 

President Obama decided personally to inform the American people of the events in a a breaking news presidential address.  His delivered his speech well, and chose his words delicately.  He made it clear to the people of the United States and the world that Al Qaeda remains a threat, and that many Muslims from around the world were impacted negatively by Bin Laden's murderous organization over the last fifteen year.  Most importantly, he emphasized the point that the United States is not at war with Islam, and is strictly interested in protecting its citizens from organizations that feel religiously compelled to kill men, women and children. 

Global markets responded positively to the news of Bin Laden's death, and the US dollar even rose in early trading.  However, the Forex Robot team does not believe that this important security event will have any serious long-term influences on currency price valuations.  In fact, some security analysts are warning that individuals or terrorist cells with some affiliation to Al Qaeda will conduct terrorist attacks against the United States and her allies.  Many in the Muslim world are skeptical of the United States, and might respond with fury over the alleged "mistreatment" of Bin Laden's remains whose burial was not conducted in accordance with Islamic law. 

The Japanese Yen

The Robot Forex team would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt condolences to the people of Japan who have lost loved-ones in today's horrific earthquake and subsequent tsunami.  Markets reacted negatively in response to the widespread destruction caused to farmland and industrial areas in the world's 3rd largest economy.  According to widespread reports, the nuclear power plant in the city of Fukushima has radiation levels that have reached 1000x their normal levels.  The number of disaster victims have quickly soared to nearly 1,000 and the final numbers are expected to be beyond that.  

Investors began to purchase the Japanese Yen, thereby pushing up the value of the currency.  Simultaneously, the US dollar fell in value.  Also, despite continued unrest in Libya and reports of heated protests in eastern Saudi Arabia, a barrel of oil decreased to nearly $100.  This is because that while a real oil supply disruption exists in Libya, the destruction by the earthquake Japan has caused sort of an equalizing effect in the form of a small demand disruption.  The Robot Forex team was surprised to see that the major US stock indices were able to make modest gains at the close of today's trading session.  For those with higher risk trading strategies, the Japanese Yen might be worth investing in.

GPS Forex Robot Review


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GPS Forex Robot Review

The GPS Forex Robot was recently introduced to the Forex trading community and has become increasingly popular ever since it introduction.  The creator, Mark Larsen, is well known in the Forex community for his experience, knowledge, and Forex Robot reviews.  After creating popular review sites and years of successful and profitable trading, he teamed up with two talented software engineers to create the GPS Forex Robot system.  The automated trading system is designed to maximize profits in all Forex market conditions.  Unlike other Forex Robots that are limited to a maximum of one or two currency pairs, the GPS expert advisor is designed to trade a variety of USD and foreign currency pairs.  

Significant Returns

The GPS Forex Robot website contains important evidence in the form of back-tests that prove the system's success.  According to Mr. Larsen, the Forex Robot is capable of generating an average return of 98% on trades.  Additionally, he and his team have devised a way to recover most of the trading losses that occur 2% of the time.  While we didn't see a 98% return on our trades, we were impressed with the software's performance and strongly recommend it to serious Forex traders. 

Fully Automated Trading

The GPS Forex Robot is reasonably priced at $149 and can be quickly downloaded and installed to your MetaTrader trading platform.  We were more than satisfied with the system's automated functioning.  Traders unfamiliar with Metatrader will benefit from clear instructions included with the software package.  Most importantly, you aren't required to sit near you computer during trading hours.  All the hard work is done for you.

Money Back Guarantee 

The Forex Robot includes a solid 60 day money back guarantee that is backed by the ClickBank company.


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Euro and Asian Woes Persist

Black Friday has become a faded memory, and shoppers willing to wait until after the retail store stampedes will still benefit from some of the lowest prices of the year.  For those willing to temporarily depart from their communicative and media outlet devices reporting on the latest WikiLeaks PR disaster, it is a great time to use your Forex Robot profits to stimulate the American economy.  As Benjamin Franklin described it, a penny earned is a penny saved, so make sure to spend  in moderation.  

Continuing concerns with the viability of the Euro currency and the possibility of more defaults among more European countries has contributed to the dollar's appreciation.  In addition, despite North Korea's stern warnings, the U.S. and South Korean armed forces conducted intensive war games in the Yellow Sea.  Despite the many uphill battles the American economy needs to battle, the greenback is still the most trusted currency out there.  

As part our blogging serious, we would like to write about a system that is considered to be a top Forex robot.  

Supra Forex Robot was developed for individuals who enjoy control and simplicity with their top Forex Robot system.  Unlike some Forex robots that are automated, Supra Forex uses an exact preprogrammed strategy with easy-to-understand trading signals.  As presented on the product website, Supra Forex has the unique ability to sniff out trends and guide you towards significant profits.  The system supports at least 20 currency pairs, can be used from any global location, and is compatible with nearly every charting platform.  The system has a 60 money-back guarantee to allow you to test the system on a live or demo account. 

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Great Day For Trading

After yesterday's sell-off among most global markets,there was a marked recovery today.  A combination of upbeat data allowed traders to ignore the continued military tension on the Korean peninsula and focus on the U.S. economic recovery.  The U.S. Labor Department's report provided support for general economic improvement with the number of jobless claims being their lowest since July 2023.  Additionally, the consumer-sentiment index rose steadily since the last time it was measured.  Despite all the good news, new home sales continue to lag and durable good orders unexpectedly dropped by 3.3%.  

As with recent currency price movements, the dollar weakened today against most major currencies.  This was expected, especially with fears of future inflation and a trader appetite for risker stocks with increased profit potential.  What surprised our team was trader short-term memory, especially after the recent escalation in the Yellow sea.  If the situation worsens and war seems imminent, the U.S. economic growth and improved overall conditions will have been in vain. 

The FapTurbo Forex Auto Robot was today's winner among the leading Forex Robots presented on our website.  The Forex Auto Robot was able to identify a weakening trend of the US dollar, thereby purchasing the Euro.  This Forex Auto Robot system allowed us to make a handsome profit with today's volatile markets and currency price movements.  FapTurbo Forex Robot continues to be the most popular system on the market today, and has a great reputation as a result.   

Forex Overdrive Explosion

Forex Overdrive has become increasingly popular among Forex software enthusiasts within the last few months.  Our team at Robot have taken notice and will do a thorough test of this exciting new product.  The final results will be posted to our readers,  as it takes time for a thorough test on our Metatrader platform to take place. 

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