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Real Change in the Arab world?


As a Robot Forex team member, I have always been amazed by the dynamics of our changing world. When trading independently or with Forex Robots, news events can quickly effect a country's economic forecasts and currency valuation.  If history tells us one things, it's that nothing stays the same at any given moment in time.  Robot Forex traders should always be cognizant of this important fact, especially with the rapid spread of information through media outlets and the internet.  Awareness can be the difference between success and failure in the profitable realms of independent currency trading and Forex Robots.  

In this segment, the Robot Forex team would like to focus on the situation in north Africa.  After years of pent-up frustration with political corruption, nepotism, and limited freedoms, the citizens of Tunisia bravely and successfully revolted against the ruling party of "president" Ben Ali.   The president and close members of his party were quickly flown to Saudi Arabia after weeks of increasingly violent street protests against his rule.  At present, the army is attempting to restore calm. However, their task is difficult with gunmen suspected to be loyal to Ben Ali that  are shooting randomly throughout the country.

The Robot Forex team believes that this is the first sign of real democratic change within the Arab world.  This event is significant because other Arab governments may also begin to see similar reactions among their own populations that are sick of poor government strategies, limited economic expansion, and constrained freedoms.  Because this is an oil rich region, keep an eye on oil prices, and the possibility of USD appreciations.  In times of uncertainty, people still run to the ol' U.S. dollar.  

Portugal: Another EuroZone Challenge

Euro Woes

The Chinese and Japanese governments have agreed to purchase debt from the European Financial Stability Facility.  This important announcement in the beginning of the work week helped alleviate many traders' concerns about a possible Portugal default.  The EUR/USD has seen significant upside movement, allowing Forex investors that were betting on the Euro to make significant profits.  Additionally, the general weakness in the Greenback has allowed Forex traders who bet against the dollar to do well.  However, with so many uncertainties in Europe, and the possibility of future defaults, the right Forex robot will ensure profitable trades in times of volatility.

Brazil Floods

The Robot Forex team would like to extend our condolences to the victims of the recent Brazil floods.  While we at Robot Forex are not experts in the filed of meteorology, many of us believe the rise in temperatures are causing more violent and unpredictable weather patterns.  Oceans that are warmer will undoubtedly cause more humidity to be preset in our atmosphere.  However mundane, such knowledge can help Forex investors predict which economies might be impacted most by adverse weather events.   

Where shall the markets go?

Obama and members of his cabinet were able to strike a tax-cut deal with Republicans that would allow unemployed citizens to continue receiving benefits for up to 99 weeks.  Additionally, Obama has temporarily extended tax cuts for households that receive more than $250,000 for two more years.  This decision has irked the president's own party, who were expecting Obama to do away with "tax-cuts for the wealthy", which were originally instituted by the Bush administration. Simultaneously, the Republican party was also dissatisfied with the president's decision, and requested that the tax-cuts be made permanent. Traders were elated by the deal, with global markets rising broadly. 

Despite recent data showing an increase in the unemployment rate, other economic indicators point to a rebound.  Businesses that are closely correlated with housing construction, such as Home Depot, saw sales increase.  The question Forex traders are asking themselves is with so much monetization of debt within the EuroZone and the United States, where is most profitable place to put their money.  If the United States is able to make a faster recovery that European countries, that USD will likely appreciate over the short-term. 

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Euro and Asian Woes Persist

Black Friday has become a faded memory, and shoppers willing to wait until after the retail store stampedes will still benefit from some of the lowest prices of the year.  For those willing to temporarily depart from their communicative and media outlet devices reporting on the latest WikiLeaks PR disaster, it is a great time to use your Forex Robot profits to stimulate the American economy.  As Benjamin Franklin described it, a penny earned is a penny saved, so make sure to spend  in moderation.  

Continuing concerns with the viability of the Euro currency and the possibility of more defaults among more European countries has contributed to the dollar's appreciation.  In addition, despite North Korea's stern warnings, the U.S. and South Korean armed forces conducted intensive war games in the Yellow Sea.  Despite the many uphill battles the American economy needs to battle, the greenback is still the most trusted currency out there.  

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Great Day For Trading

After yesterday's sell-off among most global markets,there was a marked recovery today.  A combination of upbeat data allowed traders to ignore the continued military tension on the Korean peninsula and focus on the U.S. economic recovery.  The U.S. Labor Department's report provided support for general economic improvement with the number of jobless claims being their lowest since July 2020.  Additionally, the consumer-sentiment index rose steadily since the last time it was measured.  Despite all the good news, new home sales continue to lag and durable good orders unexpectedly dropped by 3.3%.  

As with recent currency price movements, the dollar weakened today against most major currencies.  This was expected, especially with fears of future inflation and a trader appetite for risker stocks with increased profit potential.  What surprised our team was trader short-term memory, especially after the recent escalation in the Yellow sea.  If the situation worsens and war seems imminent, the U.S. economic growth and improved overall conditions will have been in vain. 

The FapTurbo Forex Auto Robot was today's winner among the leading Forex Robots presented on our website.  The Forex Auto Robot was able to identify a weakening trend of the US dollar, thereby purchasing the Euro.  This Forex Auto Robot system allowed us to make a handsome profit with today's volatile markets and currency price movements.  FapTurbo Forex Robot continues to be the most popular system on the market today, and has a great reputation as a result.   

Korean Tensions Rattle Markets

The US Dollar rallied against most global currencies after North Korean military shelled the small, but important Yeonpyeong islands in the Yellow Sea.  In response, South Korea scrambled their air force jets and responded with artillery shelling.  The North Korean attack resulted in at least two confirmed South Korean deaths and 15 injuries.  With tensions at a breaking point, the South Korean president spoke of "enormous retaliation" and promptly cancelled ongoing military exercises.  Such hostility seen today between the two sides has not been witnessed since they signed an armistice agreement in the early 1950s. 

With the possibility of a serious clash and instability in Asia, global markets were broadly lower after the closing bells.  The few areas of positivity were gold, agriculture, and the US dollar.  The Korean won took a nose dive against other currencies, which might be a good buy for traders with an appetite for risk and high returns.  However, with the recent discloser of a highly sophisticated nuclear enrichment facility, and an ever more brazen North Korean military leadership, the greenback might be the best currency to hold.  Even though the US dollar has had a wallop over the last year, it is the only currency global investors run to in times of insecurity, fear, or uncertainty.  

The NightFox Forex Robot performed especially well during this crises, and was able to identify a positive trend in the US dollar.  Those that own the NightFox Forex Robot  system are probably sending thank you letters to the program founders. 

Forex Overdrive Explosion

Forex Overdrive has become increasingly popular among Forex software enthusiasts within the last few months.  Our team at Robot have taken notice and will do a thorough test of this exciting new product.  The final results will be posted to our readers,  as it takes time for a thorough test on our Metatrader platform to take place. 

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