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The Forex Robot team is pleased to announce a special partnership with YouTradeFX, a high quality and reputable Forex exchange brokerage company.  Our special arrangement allows you to sign-up with their trading services and choose and download any FREE forex robot of your choice from our website.  In addition to receiving any FREE forex robot listed on, you will enjoy the very best trading tools, educational videos, customer support, and advanced trading software.  

YouTradeFX account holders can trade on the market with a virtual account, which is perfect for traders who need a little practice before jumping into the Forex market.  A virtual account allows you to practice in real market conditions.  After you feel comfortable trading on a practice account and you begin trading with actual funds, you can quickly access your money with the YouTradeFX Debit MasterCard.  Instead of having to wait a long time to receive a foreign check or pay for expensive wire transfers to your bank, you can quickly and securely transfer funds from your trading account to your YouTradeFX debit MasterCard.  

After you choose and download your FREE robot forex, you can quickly install the automated system to your YouTradeFX Metatrader platform.  Detailed instructions are included with every Forex robot on this website and you can quickly contact the manufacturer or brokerage firm for additional assistance.  We strongly advise that you take advantage of this unique trading opportunity and wish you the very best trading success! 

Where shall the markets go?

Obama and members of his cabinet were able to strike a tax-cut deal with Republicans that would allow unemployed citizens to continue receiving benefits for up to 99 weeks.  Additionally, Obama has temporarily extended tax cuts for households that receive more than $250,000 for two more years.  This decision has irked the president's own party, who were expecting Obama to do away with "tax-cuts for the wealthy", which were originally instituted by the Bush administration. Simultaneously, the Republican party was also dissatisfied with the president's decision, and requested that the tax-cuts be made permanent. Traders were elated by the deal, with global markets rising broadly. 

Despite recent data showing an increase in the unemployment rate, other economic indicators point to a rebound.  Businesses that are closely correlated with housing construction, such as Home Depot, saw sales increase.  The question Forex traders are asking themselves is with so much monetization of debt within the EuroZone and the United States, where is most profitable place to put their money.  If the United States is able to make a faster recovery that European countries, that USD will likely appreciate over the short-term. 

Forex Robot of the Day

Despite it's odd name, PIPs4Idiots Forex Robot provides unique automated and profitable technical strategies for the Forex Robot trading community.  It's recent launch took place on December 7th, and Robot Forex traders have become increasingly more interested in the product.  It uses a combination of trend adapting strategies and communal trading feedback that continuously update Robot Forex owners.  Of the different Forex Robot systems we've tested, PIPs4Idiots has relatively lower risk and a limited draw-down.  The PIPs4Idiots Robot Forex comes standard with a 60-day money back guarantee. 

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Turkey Lovers Unite!

Our team at Robot Forex would like to take this opportunity to give Thanks to those who make this planet a better place to live in.  With so much negative news being bombarded on us, it is sometimes easy to loose sight of the fact that each of us can and do make a an important difference each and every day.  Our team would also like to thank our visitors, who continue to benefit from pro Forex robot reviews, which are presented to you in a non-biased and easy to understand layout.  

The long American weekend should be watched carefully by investors to see the sentiment among the U.S. consumer.  Black Friday is finally upon us, which can be a make or break companies.  Expect the markets to react strongly on Monday after the data is collected.  This would also be a great time to take advantage of the Forex market, as we expect there to be significant currency price movement this upcoming week. 

Great Day For Trading

After yesterday's sell-off among most global markets,there was a marked recovery today.  A combination of upbeat data allowed traders to ignore the continued military tension on the Korean peninsula and focus on the U.S. economic recovery.  The U.S. Labor Department's report provided support for general economic improvement with the number of jobless claims being their lowest since July 2023.  Additionally, the consumer-sentiment index rose steadily since the last time it was measured.  Despite all the good news, new home sales continue to lag and durable good orders unexpectedly dropped by 3.3%.  

As with recent currency price movements, the dollar weakened today against most major currencies.  This was expected, especially with fears of future inflation and a trader appetite for risker stocks with increased profit potential.  What surprised our team was trader short-term memory, especially after the recent escalation in the Yellow sea.  If the situation worsens and war seems imminent, the U.S. economic growth and improved overall conditions will have been in vain. 

The FapTurbo Forex Auto Robot was today's winner among the leading Forex Robots presented on our website.  The Forex Auto Robot was able to identify a weakening trend of the US dollar, thereby purchasing the Euro.  This Forex Auto Robot system allowed us to make a handsome profit with today's volatile markets and currency price movements.  FapTurbo Forex Robot continues to be the most popular system on the market today, and has a great reputation as a result.   

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