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Forex Robot Information 

Software: Forex Growth Bot
Year: 2010
Languages: English Only
Win Ratio: 87%
Price: $84.99


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Growth Bot Forex Robot Review 

The Forex Growth Bot is an inexpensive automated Forex Robot that utilizes unique technical strategies to generate large profits.  What makes this particular Forex Robot special is that it is able to make highly successful trades while minimizing your risk to loss.  Additionally, the system is designed to make a small number of trades throughout the week. (3-10)  We were able to download the software, install it to our MetaTrader trading platform, and start the system within minutes. 

Automatic Trading 

The Robot Forex team specially enjoyed the ability to quickly begin trading with little complications.  The website includes detailed performance statistics over the last several years.  The Forex Robot product website is ergonomically designed and easy to navigate through.  The website includes a membership area for specialized tools and benefits.

Return Policy 

The Forex Growth Bot comes standard with a 60 day money-back guarantee that is backed by the ClickBank company. 


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