The winds of change are blowing across the crescent sands of the Middle East with fervor and passion.  The Robot Forex team is happy to report that Mubarak has stepped down from his presidential position after 18 days of large, sometimes violent and passionate protests.  Unofficial reports claim that he was given an ultimatum from the army to either step down voluntarily or to be forcefully removed.  Media reports suggest that he is currently residing in the seaside resort city of Sharm El-Sheik, where he is refusing life sustaining medical treatment in a bid to hasten his death.  The army has assumed control during the transition period before general elections are held.  In the meantime, the Egyptian people are taking advantage of their new found freedoms with protests being held by a number of different groups. 

As we suggested in an earlier post on the Robot Forex website, the uncertainty surrounding the beginnings of this event was an excellent investment opportunity for individuals with a high risk threshold.  The Egyptian markets and currency had originally plummeted.  Now that there is general stability for Egyptian citizens, the currency has appreciated in value, the price of crude oil has dropped, and the markets in Cairo have an influx of foreign capital.  

The Robot Forex team realizes that the people of Egypt are demanding an improved situation, including job opportunity, salary hikes, less corruption, and more freedoms.  However, we at Robot Forex are hoping that Egyptians choose a society that is not controlled by Islamist teachings, but incorporates the many beautiful values of Islam.  An opposition leader speaking at a news conference in Lebanon suggested that the peace treaty that was agreed upon by Sadat and Begin in 1978 will no longer be in effect.  These statements, regardless to their legitimacy or credibility can cause serious consequences for all Middle Eastern parties interested in peace, stability, and economic prosperity.  

Protests are happening in different regions throughout the Middle East.  These place include Iran, Bahrain, Yemen, and Sudan.  The wider Arab community has woken from its slumber to realize that as a unified group, their voices will be heard, and change is a real possibility.  However, we hope these changes are tolerant of others, democratic, and peaceful.  The Robot Forex website understands that investment opportunities are happening every day.  Robot Forex will continue to provide you with interesting, educational, and Forex related articles to help you read your investment goals.