It's been an interesting past few days for Americans living in the country's southern half.  An usually powerful low pressure system associated with arctic air and humidity resulted in snow and ice.  This made for a mess on the roads, and an untold number of motor accidents.  In fact, according to news reports, with exception to Florida, there is measurable snow on the ground in every state.  The harsh winter, continued positive earning reports from companies, and today's depreciation in the US dollar has led to higher crude oil prices.  For those with high risk appetite, some commodity experts are speculating that by 2012, crude oil prices will be trading in the $150 range.  


Black Panther Robot Forex


The creators of the newly released Black Panther Robot Forex is described as one of the most intelligent and advanced systems available to the Robot Forex trading community.  Very few other Forex Robot trading systems boast a triple ROI in a three months time span.   The product website includes an embedded YouTube video that explains the usual Robot Forex performance during a typical week. 

The Black Panther Robot Forex website includes performance data and statistics that were taken in 2009 while the system was in Smart Money Management mode.  In addition to the usual advantages of most Robot Forex system, such as:

  • Fully Automated
  • Systematic Trading
  • Emotional Trading avoidance


This unique Robot Forex also includes special advantages such as:

  • Special technical strategies for trending and sideways markets
  • Advanced built-in money management systems
  • Simultaneous automated trading of different currencies
  • Personalized Risk Control system
  • Brokerage firm fee manipulation protection

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