PipsMiner Forex Robot
General Product Information  
Website: www.pipsminer.com
Software: IvyBot
Year: 2008
Languages: English Only
Win Ratio: 89.00%
Drawdown: 0.60-8.00%
Price: 99$
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Fully Automatic Forex Robot

PipsMiner is a 100% fully automated Forex robot that continues to outperform, making profitable trades nine out of ten times. PipsMiner Forex robot was developed by professional, experienced, and highly skilled traders familiar with the volatility and intricacies of today’s Forex exchange market. In fact, many of the system’s developers graduated from prominent European universities.

Advanced Trading Features

This Forex robot constantly analyzes the Forex market environment for possible trade opportunities. It waits precisely for the right time to open a trade, independently takes action, and quickly makes a profit. PipsMiner Forex Robot includes a built in Money Management feature that helps traders track their money. This convenient program makes trading safer, allowing users to track their financial activities with a high level of simplicity. This Forex robot was programmed to trade the EUR/USD during the most common hours of this pair.

System features include:

  • Trading with the EUR/USD pair.
  • Built in money management software that helps track trading accounts.
  • The ability to make trades without complex spread-sheets.
  • Can be used with success by novices and pros alike.
  • High probability of joining the ‘Trade Competition’.
  • Opportunity to order the Extended Edition at special pricing.

Automated Forex Trading

This special Forex robot takes the emotions out of the currency exchange game, and trades automatically. Upon testing this Forex robot, we were highly impressed with the results. We submitted $2000 as an initial deposit, and saw an almost 10% monthly return. Not bad, considering this was our first experience with PipsMiner. We highly recommend PipsMiner for individuals that are interested in fully automatic Forex robots for the FX market.

Return Policy

To ensure customer satisfaction, Pipsminer Forex robot has a 60-day money back guarantee!


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