Forex Megadroid
General Product Information  
Software: Forex Megadroid
Year: 2008
Languages: English Only
Win Ratio: 95.74%
Drawdown: 1-20.28%
Price: 97$

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Intelligent Forex Robot Technology

Forex Megadroid hit the Forex robot market in April of 2009, creating excitement among the Forex trading community. The first traders to use the system considered it to be a breakthrough in artificial intelligence. This Forex robot trades the EUR/USD pair between the hours of 21:00 GMT to 23:00 GMT. The reason why Forex Megadroid trades during this specific time period is due to the limited U.S. and European trading market activity.  EUR/USD exchange rates have less fluctuation and volatility. The robot utilizes a specific trading strategy that attempts to identify a quiet time frame in order to scalp an average of 10 pips.

Overcoming Wider Broker Spreads

Since the end of 2007, traders widely used Forex robots that scalped the EUR/GBP pair during the Asian market hours. Using a variety of different strategies, these Forex robots profited from the consistent correlative relationship between the EUR/GBP pair. Recently, traders using these robots have encountered noticeably larger spreads from their brokers. The market crisis of 2008 made the spread even wider, making successful trades between the Euro and British Pound with Forex robots nearly impossible. Forex brokers that provide low spreads for this pair are getting harder to find by with each passing day.

This is the area where Forex Megadroid specializes in. It trades the Euro/Dollar pair during market hours that are relatively nonvolatile, with spreads that are approximately two in number. The Forex robot’s excellent artificial intelligence, combined with low market spreads, has resulted in exceptional profit returns on our live testing accounts.

Consistent and Profitable Trades 

We have seen just over a 90% win-ratio since April 2022 on our live account, with system backtests that also proved highly profitable. The only drawback with the system is that it only makes 1 to 2 trades a day, which we consider nominal. Ultimately though, we don’t see this strategy problematic after witnessing 30+ consecutive winning trades made by the system. As long as Forex Megadroid continues to be consistently profitable, 10-15 trades a week doesn’t concern us.

Volatility is Avoided 

When Forex Megadroid’s identifies an unstable, inconsistent, or volatile market, and the probability of profitable trades are remote, the Forex robot purposely avoids the market. This means that on rare occasions, the system will forego trading for several consecutive days, and should not be reason for trader concern.

In Summary

To conclude, when taking today’s market conditions into consideration, including low spreads for the EUR/USD currency pair, we believe this Forex robot’s success rate warrants ranking in the Top Ten trading products.

Return Policy

To ensure customer satisfaction, this Forex robot comes with a 60-day money back guarantee backed by ClickBank!

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