Forex Killer Forex Robot
General Product Information  
Software: Forex Bling
Year: 2008
Languages: English Only
Win Ratio: 85%
Drawdown: 0.35%
Price: 198$
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Award Winning Forex Robot

Forex Killer is an award winning automated Forex trading solution. It uses a number of complex mathematical strategies that novice and experienced Forex traders consistently benefit from. 

Design and Development

Forex Killer was developed by a team of mathematicians, psychologists, and full time Forex trading professionals. The system has a high level of artificial intelligence, which is evident by the hundreds of satisfied and successful Forex traders that made their money by using the system. The company is constantly working to make software improvements and system strategy adjustments that correspond with market conditions. In fact, our copy of Forex Killer was updated twice within a period of two months. Forex Killer developers proudly claim that they already have more than 13,000 trading customers that are profiting from this Forex Robot.

System Dynamics

First, download Forex Killer, which only takes a short time. Then provide the system with all necessary and relevant data. Finally, press the “calculate” button, place a market order, and witness your investments rise. With Forex Killer, you can generate your own signals at home, with no monthly fees. The only thing that requires payment is the Forex robot itself, which analyses the market automatically and makes correct trading decisions for you.  We downloaded, installed, and created our own signals, and we were very satisfied with the results. After we supplied the Forex robot with data from Metatrader 4, it automatically calculated the best signal for us, resulting in a nice return. Since it was based on signals from the Forex robot itself, we could see the results with our own eyes.

Performance and Customer Support

Ultimately, we experienced a 85% win-ratio on our live account, with an average of 150 weekly trades. Forex Killer’s website provides users with additional questions ample information in their FAQ section. We were also very satisfied with the company’s customer support team, who were knowledgeable, professional, and warm.

Return Policy

To ensure customer satisfaction, there is a full 60 day money-back guarantee!

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