Forex Bling Forex Robot
General Product Information  
Software: Forex Bling
Year: 2008
Languages: English Only
Win Ratio: 90%
Drawdown: 0.35%
Price: 90$

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A Multifaceted Trading Approach

Forex Bling is a Forex Robot that utilizes multiple trading strategies to achieve financial success. Most Forex Robots are designed with a specific trading approach. These trading methods include a general price trend strategy, using the scalping method, or employing the breakout strategy with technical indicators and analysis. In other words, when you buy a Forex Robot, you’re receiving a product that has trading strategies that are limited in scope. The advantage of Forex Bling is that it takes advantage of price trends, scalping, and breakout strategies all in one Forex Robot.

Creator of Forex Bling

Forex Bling was created and tested by an experienced and successful Forex Trader and Analyst. Mr.Gagahlin was a Forex trader for many years before founding Switch Labs and ForexHope. He travels throughout Asia and lectures to large audiences about successful Forex trading strategies.

Live Performance

Forex Bling’s testing results have been widely published for the interested buyers to review before purchasing. The Forex Bling website supplies you with real-time performance results, and not just back test statements that are sometimes selected for marketing purposes.


When using Forex Bling, it was able to adapt to almost every type of Forex market. In other words, even during unexpected events, like the recent depreciation of the Euro, this Forex Robot was able to consistently make profitable trades.

Excellent Forex Products

The software developers and manufacturers for Forex Bling have extensive experience, which is evident by three the of the following Forex products manufactured by the ForexHope company; Pointbreak-5, Dreambuilder-FX and Fractals Wizard-4.

Multiple Strategies

When you’re in the fast paced Forex market, it’s important to realize that choosing one trading strategy is not enough for long term investing. However, most Forex traders buy and sell over the short term in the hopes of immediate profits. Since most short-term investors base their decisions on emotions instead of logic, most of these traders lose money quickly.

We enjoyed and benefited from trading with a variety of different strategy types. The ability to allow Forex Bling to automatically choose a particular strategy for a specific Market type was liberating. This Forex Robot does everything for you, allowing you to address personal responsibilities and family members.

Test Results

Due to a combination of features and consistent profitable trades, Forex Bling received our highest ranking of 5 stars. Even though the scalping method and breakout strategy didn’t perform as well as what the website indicated, this Forex Robot is certainly worth the cost.

Return Policy

To ensure customer satisfaction, Forex Bling has a 60 day money-back guarantee.

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