FapTurbo Forex Robot
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Website: www.fapturbo.com
Software: Fap Turbo
Year: 2008
Languages: English Only
Win Ratio: 95.90%
Drawdown: 0.35%
Price: 149$
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Elite Forex Robot System

The FAP Turbo is widely regarded to be one of the best Forex Robots for the Metatrader Trading Platform. This automated Forex Robot employs pre-programmed rules and strategies that allow it to work with a variety of different currency pairs.

Some of the benefits of FAP Turbo include:

  • Small gains that result in a high win-ratio.
  • It takes advantage of the high leverages that some brokers provide to traders (100 to 1) by using a low drawdown strategy, minimizing risk and exposure.
  • It helps prevent poor decision-making made by both expert and novice traders.

High Popularity

FAP Turbo is a recently developed Forex robot for Metatrader, with a fantastic reputation and increasing popularity. It is an entirely plug and play system that automatically places trades for you. This goes beyond your run of the mill system software. The creators take pride in the fact that the system software can simply be switched on, plugged it into a broker, and work independently, which is exactly what we witnessed during our live testing. FAP Turbo was created by Steve Carletti, Mike, and Ulrich in 2008. The system writers placed a live display on their website that demonstrates FAP Turbo’s performance in real time. This Forex robot can run on a personal computer or directly from a FAP Turbo server.

Using the System

We installed the system on our computer, and found the installation process both simple and user-friendly. An alternative option is to run the Robot remotely from the FAP Turbo server, which is ideal for individuals who are opposed to leaving their computers on for long periods of time. So far, the results on our demo account have been impressive. In fact, these are actually the best results we have seen to date, which has earned FAP Turbo top place among all the Forex Robot listed on our website. This Forex Robot can be used both by beginners and experts. The simplicity of the program will make for easy and quick use by new Forex traders, while their expert counterparts will admire the systems ease of use and ergonomic platform.

Responsive Customer Support

As part of our thorough analysis, we chose to test the quality of the company’s costumer support. We submitted an email with “problems” that we encountered, and we were more than satisfied with the rapid and helpful response we received. The company provided us with simplified instructions for our simulated problems within 12 hours of submission.


FAP Turbo is the most recommended Forex Robot for investors that wish to trade automatically and successfully in today’s Forex market. Due to the system’s consistent investment returns, ease-of-use, and widespread popularity among professional investors, RobotForex.org has given Fap Turbo Forex Robot our highest 5 star ranking. We also chose Fap Turbo to be our Robot Forex of The Month.

Money-Back Guarantee

To ensure customer satisfaction, FapTurbo comes with a 60-day money back guarantee!


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