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Software: Abes Forex Signals
Year: 2009
Languages: English Only
Win Ratio: 92%
Drawdown: 1.5
Price: 77$ per month
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Abes Forex Signals Review

Abes Forex Signals was created by Ted Pearson, one of the most experienced and successful traders in the Forex market today. The Abes Signals strategy continues to prove itself profitable since the time of its inception. Even during the recent global economic recession,  Abes Forex Signals  was able to execute profitable trades while other Forex robots proved less successful.  Abes Signals  doesn’t require sleep, and doesn’t let emotions cloud important trading decisions. Its underlying algorithmic platform allows successful trades to take place 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, which is an important advantage over manual trading.

Abes Forex Signals Strategy

We never recommend using a Forex robot prior to comprehensive testing and analysis. As expected, upon testing Abes Signals, it proved highly profitable. The robot’s primary strategy is to execute numerous trades within a four hour time slot, going for as many pips as possible each time. Don’t be alarmed by the fact that the  Abes Forex Signals makes most trades within a four hour window. These four hours of trading will make you much more money than any other Forex robot. It also makes trades during other times during the day, but at a much slower pace.

Fully Automatic with Configuration Options

This Forex robot is fully automated, and does not require human involvement. On  Abes Forex Signals official site, evidence is provided of accounts that have never been zeroed out since it started running live in 2007. The average drawdown of this Forex robot is less then 10%, which a relatively low number when considering the profit potential. Traders with increased risk appetite that are interested in making more profit in less time, can configure  Abes Forex Signals to increase the drawdown by up to 20%.

High Returns

Abes Signals Forex robot works well with the recommended $1000 initial deposit. Expect to see immediate profits upon trading, which will enhance your financial portfolio nicely. One nickname this Forex robot received is the “Poor Man’s Forex Agent”, due to its ability to make high returns from the initial $1000 deposit.

Testing Abes Forex Signals  

Upon testing the  Abes Signals Expert with a $1000 initial deposit, we saw a return of 13% profits within a month, which is considered substantial. We found that the  Abes Signals Forex robot makes an average of three to four profitable trades a day.

Money-Back Guarantee

To ensure customer satisfaction,  Abes Signals Expert comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee!

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