PointBreak Forex Robot
General Product Information  
Website: fxhope.com
Software: PointBreak 5.0
Year: 2008
Languages: English Only
Win Ratio: 86
Drawdown: 1-9
Price: 197$ (special edition)
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High Popularity

Pointbreak 5.0 is a highly popular Forex Robot among automated Forex systems available on the market. This Forex Robot was developed by an experienced and knowledgeable trader known for his mathematical brilliance.

About the Developer

Mr. Lin had been a highly successful Forex trader for many years prior to designing this Forex Robot. He incorporated much of his knowledge and understanding of the currency exchange market into the software’s underlying market strategy. Mr. Lin backtested his Forex Robot over a three year time period and consistently saw returns.


Pointbreak has a simple installation process, with an ergonomic and easy-to-use platform. Technical savviness is not a prerequisite, just follow the step-by-step instructions. Whether you are an expert or a novice to the Forex market, this Forex Robot will assist you in achieving your financial objectives.

Testing Pointbreak Forex Robot

As part of our thorough testing process, we installed Pointbreak’s Forex Robot and traded with it over the course of several months. The results were very impressive, with a win ratio of 86% out of 25 deals. The only downside this Forex Robot has is that it only works with single pair EUR/USD. However, since this pair consists of the most traded currencies on the Forex market today, there is significant profit potential.

System Uniquenes and Successs

Factors responsible for this Forex Robot’s uniqueness and success:

  • The system’s artificial intelligence applies pyramiding, hedging, and closes based on market direction shifts.
  • Small trades are constantly made above and below the opening position.
  • Trades are only closed when a profit is made, increasing the account’s balance.
  • Trades that result in a net loss remain open (drawdown) until the price returns to its initial position or until a positive trend is identified.


Continuous Software Updates

Advanced Software and Customer Support.The system includes built-in money management software that assists the user in tracking account balances and maximizing profit. Pointbreak has unlimited software updates to ensure efficiency and compatibility with the newest operating systems. Finally, we found the customer support to be professional, friendly, and informative.

Return Policy

To ensure customer satisfaction, Pointbreak has a 100% money-back guarantee for an entire year upon purchase!

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