Pipboxer Forex Robot
Product Information
Software: Pip Boxer
Year: 2007
Languages: English Only
Win Ratio: Ratio: 84.16%
Drawdown: 1-12%
Price: 329.99$

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Personalizing Your Forex Robot

PipBoxer provides solutions for Forex traders who are interested in personalizing an effective Forex robot for the Metatrader platform.

Since 2023, the company has skillfully created a number of trading programs with different profitable strategies. The main product being promoted today is Pipboxer V5.0.

Unique Features

This package is particularly useful due to the following features:

  • Sophisticated analysis
  • Money management
  • Market entry strategies
  • Risk management

These come in a variety of 12 different Forex robots, each specializing in a specific currency pair.

Techniques and Strategies

PipBoxer Version 5 Forex robot uses a flexible reversal break-out technique. A combination of different strategies is used to open positions at the correct time, and subsequently close them at the moments when high profitability is ensured. The process begins when a reversal opportunity is recognized. Next, it filters out false signals, all the while taking risk management into account that was predefined by the user. It then enters trades at opportune times, and closes them for immediate profit. To top it off, the robot uses specialized money management techniques to keep you in positive territory.

Helpful Instruction

The company website provides instructive videos on how to use their Forex robot. Some of these videos demonstrate how the Forex robot changes the lot size according to the risk factor. One video shows how the robot is able to effectively save an account from complete loss.


The PipBoxer V5.0 Forex robot does not come cheap, which is the primary reason why the system did not receive a five star ranking. The system comes in a variety of packages, allowing dealers to choose a preferred currency. Package prices range from $329 to $1,979, and should depend an individual’s personal financial ambitions and strategies.

Forex Testing

We chose to make the large investment of purchasing the entire package and testing each one individually. Since the underlying Robot strategy is similar, we chose to work with the pair that had the lowest spread (with our specific broker). After running them on multiple live accounts over the course of the last several months, we are pleased to announce that this Forex robot definitely deserves its 4 star ranking.

Refund Policy

Unfortunately, at this point in time, PipBoxer’s refund policy states that all sales are final, which we believe should be changed. This is not due to the remote possibility of dissatisfaction, but mainly to alleviate any potential concerns prospective purchasers may harbor.

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