Ivybot Forex Robot Review
General Product Information  
Website: www.ivybot.com
Software: IvyBot
Year: 2008
Languages: English Only
Win Ratio: 85%
Drawdown: 0.35%
Price: 149.95$
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Four Forex Robots Combined

IvyBot Forex Robot is not just one trading system, but actually a combination of 4 Forex Robots all in one package.  It trades four unique currency pairs, and utilizes different strategies for each one.

About the Developers

This amazing product was developed by graduates of a prestigious university who paid their school expenses by making profitable trades in the Forex market.  Initially, the group invested in popular stocks, bonds, futures, and options.  However, trading hours in standard market exchanges did not fit their schedule, so they began trading on Forex.  At that time, retail Forex was just becoming available and more popular to individual investors.  So the group made investments together and used a variety of strategies to consistently make profitable trades.

Updates and Awards

IvyBot comes with free updates for life to ensure your Forex Robot utilizes the very latest software technology.  Free and continuous updates also ensure that necessary changes are made to underlying trading system strategies that correspond with current market changes and conditions.  IvyBot won 1st place in 2009 among fully automatic Forex Robots.

Big Deposits = Big Returns

Users with no experience can start using the Ivy Bot Forex Robot with a $50 deposit, and start seeing profits instantly!  It’s important to realize that smaller deposits mean lower profits.  For sake of mind, we do recommend investing with small sums, and slowly increasing your trading balance.

Live Testing

According to the Ivybot developers, one of the many reasons why their Forex Robot is better than other automatic trading systems is that many of them rely primarily on backtest results to show good performance.  With backtests, the possibility exists that results are used for a specific historical market period where most systems would do well. In response, the robotforex.org team opened an account with a Forex broker and tested on a live account.  We risked our money during the process, which we believe is necessary to ensure every Forex Robot performs as advertised.

Free Webinar

On the official IvyBot website, the creators offer you a free webinar to help guide you with your first steps using this Forex Robot. Similar to FAQs, the webinar explains the strategies behind the system, and how to personalize and optimize IvyBot Forex Robot.


It’s nearly impossible to trade poorly with the amount of information provided to you.  However, in accordance with our policy, we don’t publish system information without thorough testing.  We purchased the system, viewed the webinar, and saw significant returns.  The webinar was a huge help understanding system dynamics. Once we inputted our settings into the system and initiated IvyBot, trades were completely automatic. The system’s ability to trade 4 major currency pairs using 4 different stragies ensure a high rate of success.

The Numbers

Win ratio of 85% 10-20 trades per week 1-3 drawdown.

Return Policy

To ensure customer satisfaction, IvyBot Forex Robot comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee.

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