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Year: 2008
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Forex Growth Bot Robot Review

The Forex growth bot is a Forex Robot referred to as the “10 minute  Forex growth bot ”. In this article, we explain how this system earned such an impressive nickname.

Similar to the FAP Turbo system,  Forex growth bot requires traders to analyze and review trading charts for 10 minutes a day. Throughout these brief time segments,  Forex growth bot demonstrates and explains its successful trading strategies.


A huge advantage with  Forex growth bot is that it doesn’t require specific Forex platforms or brokers, as it is fully compatible with everything available on the market today. Another advantage with this Forex Robot is that it clearly explains the reasons for executing a specific trade. This method assists traders in learning appropriate strategies and having a better overall understanding of the Forex market. This is preferred over having to pay for expensive Forex training courses or materials with limited “hands-on” experience.

The Forex Robot comes with Video Tutorials and a well written instructive manual. Instead of just simply focusing on general facts about the Forex market, it also provides information about the system itself.

Profiting from just 10 Minutes

We recognize that making a profit from just 10 minutes a day seems unrealistic, but we actually experienced it ourselves. We chose a young and inexperienced trader as our research subject. As instructed, he sat next to the chart system everyday for 10 minutes and studied all the relevant data. After just two weeks, he was able to independently use the  Forex growth bot system and generate profits.

Using Forex Growth Bot Robot

As mentioned earlier, the  Forex growth bot Forex Robot utilizes two distinct methods, “Swing” and “Breakout” trading strategies.  Forex growth bot ergonomic and user-friendly interface allows for quick and easy installation.

All you need to do is search for the Daily Candle\breakout\swing at the end of each day, place your order, and step away from the system. The Stop Loss and Take Profit points are automatically calculated. The second thing you need to do is come the next day and see if your trade reached one of the targets.

It’s always important to check when the last daily candle closes. The only downside with Forex growth bot is that it only trades major currencies. We don’t find this problematic since the system is able to make profits, which we consider most important.

Due to the built-in risk management system, we never had a drawdown of more than 5% on our account.

Money Back Guarantee

Just like the FAP Turbo system, Forex growth bot is 100% yours after purchase, with no strings attached. Forex Growth Bot has an 8 week money-back guarantee in the unlikely event of dissatisfaction.

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