Rank Logo Product Name Weekly Profit (%) Forex Robot Review Forex Robot Website Download
#11 Download IvyBot Robot Forex  IvyBot Robot 4.0% IvyBot Robot Review IvyBot Robot Website Download IvyBot Robot Forex
#12 Wealth Builder Robot Forex  Wealth Builder 3.5% Wealth Builder Review Wealth Builder Website Download Wealth Builder Robot Forex
#13 Forex PipBoxer Robot Forex  Forex PipBoxer 2.5% Forex PipBoxer Review Forex PipBoxer Website Download Forex PipBoxer Robot Forex
#14 Forex Trend Scalper Robot Robot  Forex Trend Scalper 1.5% Forex Trend Scalper Review Forex Trend Scalper Website Download Forex Trend Scalper Robot Forex
#15 Forex NoLossRobot Robot Forex NoLossRobot 1.00% NoLossRobot Review NoLossRobot Website Download Forex NoLossRobot Robot Forex
#16 PipsMiner Robot Forex PipsMiner 1.00% PipsMiner Review PipsMiner Website Download PipsMiner Robot Forex

Four Star Forex Robot Systems

 The Forex Robots supplied to you in the list above have been given the prestigious four star ranking by the RobotForex.org team.  These particular Forex Robots were tested individually on our Metatrader 4 platform over the course of several months.  What made these particular Forex products unique were their ability to consistently make profitable trades in times of market volatility, high trading volume, and high market liquidity. 

Huge Profit Potential

The recent movements in global currencies offer traders an incredible opportunity to take advantage of the Forex market.  This is especially true when you consider the economic uncertainty associated with fiscal policy decisions being made among central banks throughout the world.  If you have experience trading on the Forex market, than you have a good understanding of the huge profit potential that exists there. It is important now more than ever to ensure that you use only the best Forex Robot systems available to the investment community.