Halcyon Trader 5
General Product Information  
Software: Halcyon 5
Year: 2007
Languages: English Only
Win Ratio: 89%
Drawdown: 15%
Price: 249.95$

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Produced by Halcyon Forex LTD.

Halcyon Trader 5 is an excellent Forex Robot created by Halcyon Forex LTD. Other company products include Halcyon-NEWS 3 and the M8 Sidewinder Pro, which are also reviewed and discussed on RobotForex.org.

Advanced Trading Software

The Halcyon-Trader 5 Forex Robot utilizes advanced trading technologies, combining Trend-Tracer 1.4 and DoublePlay 4.5, two fantastic pieces of software. With these systems included in the Halcyon 5 package, we had high expectations. The consistent results over our two month live account testing were beyond satisfactory. The system simply outperformed with an almost 90% win-ratio, and an average of 3-7 deals a week.

Installation and Customer Support

The Halcyon Trader 5 has a quick and user-friendly installation process, and the need for only minimal system configuration by the user. There is a team of fulltime technical and customer support representatives available to assist users with questions ranging from general trading information, system installation, and software optimization.

Refund Policy

As with all Halcyon Forex products, there is no Refund Policy. Despite our satisfaction with the product, we believe a money-back guarantee is important for for all Forex Robots software and products. Had the company instituted a return policy with Halcyon Forex, the system would have received a higher ranking.

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