Halcyon News 3 Review
General Product Information  
Website: www.halcyonfx.com
Software: Halcyon 3
Year: 2007
Languages: English Only
Win Ratio: 89%
Drawdown: 5-10%
Price: 99.99$
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No System Configurations 

Halcyon News 3 Forex Robot does not require the trader or broker to make special configurations prior to usage. It operates 24 hours a day throughout the week, allowing traders to profit from market spikes and other important market events. The Halcyon News 3 is an Forex Robot that does not rely on charts or time-based strategies. Instead, it focuses on large price shifts correlated with important news events. The automatic system is designed to recognize the onset of a market spike and immediately open a trade that will result in significant returns.

System Strategy

Initially, the system opens two deals; one above the market value and one below the market value. When Forex news is released and there is enough deviation from the projected numbers, the market will eventually cant to one direction. This means that one of the deals will be triggered by the system, and in many cases, 50 pips profit can occur. Of course, the deals are accompanied by Trailing Stop Loss and Take Profit strategies that assist traders in automatic deals when the highest peak is reached.

Simple Interface

Halcyon News 3 is a “drop and play” Forex Robot, making it easy to use and install without the need for prior experience or extensive Forex knowledge. The only down side to the system is that you need to be adjacent to the Halcyon News 3 when the Forex news is announced. We don’t consider this to be a significant downside since most users with large trading accounts will want to keep a close eye on their trading performance and changing market conditions.

Refund Policy

As with all Halcyon products, the “Halcyon News 3’ has a “No Refund” policy. This factor prevented our Forex team from giving Halcycon News 3 a higher ranking.

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