Halcyon M8 Sidewinder Pro
General Product Information  
Website: www.halcyonfx.com
Software: Halcyon 8
Year: 2007
Languages: English Only
Win Ratio: 85.00%
Drawdown: 6.00%
Price: 329.95$
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The Halcyon Company

Halcyon Forex was founded in 2006 and has been developing successful Forex Robot ever since. The company’s line of Forex products have allowed thousands of traders to realize financial success throughout the world. These systems were created by expert developers after extensive research and testing. This is why their products are known for their reliability and consistency, which makes them a world leader in the Forex Automated market today.

Product Accessories

M8 Sidewinder pro includes an 11 page PDF instruction manual that guides users through the installation process. M8 Sidewinder pro comes with 6 independent modules, which can be traded between 6 different currency pairs. For each pair, there is a different module that has its own money management system.

How does it work?

This Automated Trading System analyzes the recent highs and lows in several high resolution time frames. It then enters the market upon predetermined breakout levels. The formula is highly effective when riding trends, and most successful with currency pairs that regularly display large daily ranges, such as the GBP/JPY pair. When the settings are correctly calibrated, it works well with most well known pairs.

There is a built-in Level 2 Alert Mode, designed to bring the Automated Trading System out of a draw down. When it detects a certain number of losses, the Automated Trading System instantly changes strategy, and Take Profit levels are replaced with trailing Stop Losses. This helps traders change the account drawdown in order to lift it back up. The only downside with M8 Sidewinder Pro is that the company chose not to release backtest results. The official reason for not disclosing this information was to protect company source codes and methodology. We found this explanation bizarre and unexpected.

Testing Halcyon Forex Robot

So ultimately, we went ahead and did the backtesting ourselves, which resulted in a profit ratio of over 90%. This merited the Automated Trading System with a live test. Several members of our team conducted the live testing, and saw an 85% win-ratio over several weeks of trading. We believe this Automated Trading System is best suited for Forex traders who are more conservative in their profit expectations. It is especially good for long-term investing strategists that focus less on daily gains or losses.

Customer Support and Refund Policy

Halcyon Forex is a well known company with excellent customer support, which only adds to the software’s already high appeal. The only downside with Halcyon M8 Sidewinder Pro is that the product does not have return policy.

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