Forex Profit Hunter
General Product Information  
Software: Profit Hunter
Year: 2008
Languages: English Only
Win Ratio:  
Price: 77$

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For Novice Traders

Forex Profit Hunter is a highly recommended Forex robot for traders with limited experience to the currency exchange market.

About the Developer

Forex Profit Hunter was designed and developed by Alex Wilson, a knowledgeable and successful trader. Wilson had been trading on the Forex exchange for over seven years before creating Profit Hunter. During this time, he consistently made profitable trades, all the while encountering a variety of diverse and sometimes volatile market environments. He took his experience, knowledge, and strategies, and incorporated them into Forex Profit Hunter’s system software.

Fully Automated Forex Robot

This Forex robot has an autopilot mechanism that makes it fully automated. With this system, traders aren’t required to sit next to computer, make the “correct” trades, and monitor constantly their performance. Due to the robot’s automatic approach, it is not recommended for traders that prefer more control and a more hands-on approach towards the market.

Some of the primary advantages with Forex Profit Hunter include:

The system’s ability to automatically execute Forex signals and trades according to underlying market strategies. Having limited experience does not prevent a novice trader from using the system and making profitable trades.


When backtested over a 5 year time span, there was a 94% win-ratio.
When live tested, there was a 90% win-ratio.

Installation and Customer Support

We installed the program on to our computer system and encountered no software conflicts or irregularities. We chose to leave the configuration settings at their default settings, which proved most successful when trading automatically.

Forex Profit Hunter has a dedicated customer support team that patiently responded to our questions and simulated “software issues”. The knowledgeable support staff even helped us with some of our general trading questions.

Refund Policy

Forex Profit Hunter has a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee, allowing you to try the product for two whole months without commitment.

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