Forex Derivative Forex Robot
General Product Information  
Software: Forex Derative
Year: 2009
Languages: English Only
Win Ratio: 91.80%
Drawdown: 11%
Price: 97$

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Adaptive Forex Robot

Forex Derivative is a highly sophisticated Forex Robot with the unique ability to independently adapt to all types of Forex market environments. Forex Derivative uses a variety of different strategies simultaneously to achieve its financial objectives. The Forex Robot is designed to help traders take full advantage of today’s unpredictable and volatile Forex market through intelligent trades that result in sizable profits.

Novice Traders

A lot of novice Forex traders find the intricacies of today’s fast-paced currency exchange market difficult to fully comprehend. It can be overwhelming when attempting to follow different currency prices while monitoring multiple screens simultaneously. Forex Derivative’s Forex Robot was designed to solve this problem for you, as well as most other challenges novice traders commonly encounter.

About the Developer

Zack Kolundzic, an experienced and successful trader, designed the primary underlying strategies this Forex Robot utilizes in the market. Zack was a trading desk worker in a well established Forex company, and was able to increase many of his fellow company traders’ gains through the automated systems he developed.

Flexible and Responsive Market Strategies

The Forex market can either go trending, sideways, swinging, or even support/resistance. The Forex Derivative Forex Robot is able to identify market behavior and alter its strategy approach according to market movements. Once the system analyzes and processes market conditions, it chooses a trading strategy that best corresponds with the Forex environment. Forex Dervative was preprogrammed with multiple trading strategies to maximize earning and mitigate risk in a wide range of different market scenarios.

Forex Robot Testing

We decided to run Forex Derivative on a live account over the course of six weeks, and we can confidently declare that the system is well suited to handle today’s unexpected Forex market. This highly reliable system constantly makes calculations based on the data it receives from the market and updates its strategies accordingly.

Further more, Forex Derivative Forex Robot constantly monitors account balances, verifies how a trade is performing, and proceeds in ways best suited to your level of risk and financial objectives.

We backtested Forex Derivative over a recent historical period of several months, and the results were fantastic. Our test netted profits that theoretically more then doubled. Overall, this Forex Robot has a win-ration of 91.80%. It is slightly less than those today’s elit Forex Robots, but still considered very impressive.

Installation and Optimization

We found the installation process undramatic, simple, and relatively quick. It took us approximately 10 minutes to install the Forex Derivative on our computer, with little need for extensive system configuration or setting changes prior to trading.

Return Policy

To ensure customer satisfaction, Forex Derivative Robot comes with a 60 day money-back guarantee.

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