Shark Expert Advisor, Shark Forex Robot
General Product Information  
Software: EA Shark 5
Year: 2007
Languages: English Only
Win Ratio:  
Price: 110$

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Low-Risk Forex Robot

Shark Forex robot is one of lowest risk systems available on the market today, risking approximately two percent of total equity per trade. This is considered a considerably low draw-down when compared with other available Forex robots.

Simplifying Forex Trading

When it comes to the trading on Forex, people are unable to effectively monitor numerous indicators, pivots, and fibs while simultaneously keeping track of support and resistance levels on multiple time-frames. Even if we could handle all of these tasks simultaneously, being able to incorporate all the relevant information into making accurate split-second decisions is simply impossible. Shark 5.0 is designed to solve this problem in an effective, organized, and successful manner.

Trading Strategy

Shark Forex robot’s underlying software design has resulted in a top of the notch Forex robot that executes on average two trades a day, with a win-ratio of over 89%. We find these statistics to be exceptional!

System Testing

As is customary for our team of expert system reviewers, we base our recommendations on comprehensive and thorough product analysis. The Shark System was back-tested until 1999 with the success rate we mentioned. Not only did this Forex robot perform outstandingly during the back-testing, but we have also been conducting live account testing with Shark 5.0 since 2007. As mentioned earlier, never purchase a Forex robot until you know how well it performs on live accounts.

Ranking and Price

The only reason why certain members of the team were reluctant to award this Forex robot with a higher ranking was due to its above average price of $269. Still, we believe the money spent on this excellent Forex product will quickly be made through profitable trades.

Money-Back Guarantee

To ensure customer satisfaction, Shark 5.0 has a 60 day money-back guarantee.

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