Rank Logo Product Name Weekly Profit (%) Forex Robot Review Forex Robot Website Download
#17 Profit Hunter Robot Forex  Forex Profit Hunter 1.0% Profit Hunter Review Profit Hunter Website Download Profit Hunter
#18 Halcyon 5 Robot Forex  Halcyon 5 0.8% Halcyon 5 Review Halcyon 5 Website Download Halcyon 5 Robot Forex
#19 Halcyon News 3 Robot Forex  Halcyon News 3 -5% Halcyon News 3 Review Halcyon News 3 Website Download Halcyon News 3 Robot Forex
#20 Halcyon 8 Sidewinder Robot Robot  Halcyon 8 Sidewinder -2.0% Halcyon 8 Sidewinder Review Halcyon 8 Sidewinder Website Download Halcyon 8 Sidewinder Robot Forex
#21 Forex Derivative Robot Forex Forex Derivative -3.80% Forex Derivative Review Forex Derivative Website Download Forex Derivative Robot Forex
#22 Kiss Future Robot Forex Kiss Future -4.00% Kiss Future Review Kiss Future Website Download Kiss Future Robot Forex
#23 Forex Conquest Robot Forex  Forex Conquest -5.00% Forex Conquest Review Forex Conquest Website Download Forex Conquest Robot Forex

Three Star Forex Robot Systems

The Forex Robots listed above have been ranked with three stars by the RobotForex.org research team.  Each Forex Robot was tested separately on our Metatrader 4 trading platform over a time frame of several months.  These specific Forex products are considered “middle of the road” due to their inconsistent profit returns.  In certain Forex market environments they excelled greatly, making solid profitable trades.  In times of volatility, especially when there were extreme Forex price movements, these Forex Robots simply didn’t deliver what we consider the necessary profit returns to be ranked above three stars.  

Should NOT be Discarded

Even though the Forex Robots listed above are ranked with three stars, it would be a mistake for you to dismiss them completely.  As discussed in other parts of RobotForex.org, without independent research and a thorough understanding of economics, Forex Robots are simply software.  It is important to know what type of Forex market you are investing in and choose the Forex Robot that best suits your level of risk and investment preferences.  We advise reading each review that are supplied to you throughout the site.